You have to kiss a few frogs…

By Kelly

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – 5 mile hill run with Ryan at 6am & afternoon kayak

Sunday one of my good friends Tara was in town and we met at the lake to kayak. I was going to consider it a cross training, but I think the fact we had a few beers while kayaking negates the cross training aspect of the workout. We did paddle hard and ended up in this incredible area of the lake.


There were hundreds of lily pads covering this part of the lake!!   No frogs though…

My Saturday morning long run was good.   I felt great the whole time and didn’t mind running solo especially since my only other option was running at cheetah speed with Ryan and Sue.  Ryan did join me for my last half mile, but one of my favorite running songs.. 99 problems by JayZ was on my ipod, so there wasn’t a lot of talking between us, I was just focused on finishing.

After the run I headed up to the big city.   I had the honor of hosting my niece Sarah’s wedding shower at my mom’s house.   It was a perfect day and she got a lot of great gifts including a tangerine Kitchen Aid Mixer.   We had two great desserts.

Carrot Cake Cupcake (made by Kennedy’s bakery) and Chocolate Covered Oreos decorated in her wedding colors (made by

My dad was the official photographer so he joined us in a family picture.

Some of my family…Me, My Aunt Susie, Bride-to-Be-Sarah, Dad, Mom and Sister-in-law Paige

It was great to meet some of Sarah’s friends and her fiance Joe’s family.   I am looking forward August 11.

By Sue

Monday 6 mile treadmill run 50:14


A Positive Negative

by Sue

Saturday morning long run on the trail with Kelly and Ryan. 80-ish% humidity at 7am. July in Ohio is so awesome.

11 miles in 1:31 and a negative split!!!! It was actually only by a minute and something, but I don’t care!

Compared to last weekend’s long run of 10 miles in 1:27, not bad at all.

It is nice changing it up and running with Ryan because a) he kicks my a$$ challenges me, and b) since he is not human he can hold up the convo when I’m too short of breath. Not necessarily in that order. He told me I needed to channel my inner Shalane (Kelly already warned me about this) on the last mile. It sucked but my ending pace on my Garmin was 7:47!

Random impulse purchase last weekend while in “the city”….I love Essie nail polish. This one is Blue Rhapsody and it is crazy awesome at covering up the hideousness that is my toenails, or what my husband refers to as “faux-nails”.

Sunday I took as a rest day since I pushed it hard yesterday. Except Kelly and I are wondering how, if you follow most marathon training plans, are you supposed to get faster long distance-wise if the long weekend runs are designated as “long, slow distance”?

33 total miles for the week.

by Kelly

11 mile run Saturday.
Rest day Sunday.

Finding my Inner Shalane

By Kelly

Thursday:  4.2 mile hill run at 6am with Ryan

Friday: 3 mile Treadmill run (entertained by Matt Lauer in London) and work out with my trainer Josh (arms and abs)

My runners world quote of the day Thursday morning…

“I will go through a lot of pain to beat someone.  If there’s pride and ego on the line, if I’m desperate, then I’m willing to go to a place where it hurts a lot more”  -Shalane Flanagan, U.S. Marathoner

Our 5 mile hill route is just that…hilly.   It is an incredibly challenging run for me because there are rolling hills the whole way and the last part of the run is a gradual uphill to our mailbox.   I usually feel good until about mile 3 1/2 and the last  1 1/2  miles just kill me.

On my Thursday morning run I was right around mile 3 going up a gradual quarter-mile hill and I started to hurt.   My hamstrings were screaming I wanted to be done and then I started to think about Shalane’s quote and wondering how does she keep herself going when she hurts?  Why is it so hard for me to do that?  Maybe it is because I was NOT an athlete growing up and I am not a competitive person.   I was never taught to push myself in sports to the point of pain and then keep on going.   So now I am in my 40’s and trying to teach myself that it is ok to hurt.   I need to keep on thinking about how I feel when I  finish a run and know that I pushed myself as hard as I could…it is indescribable.

I found a great new snack this week.  Very low-calorie and filling!!



By Sue

Thursday-6 mile treadmill run 50:18

Friday-4 mile treadmill run 33:07


Chicken and Chicken Wings

by Sue

Finally! Had to take yesterday as a rest day (by circumstance, not choice). But….I had the greater part of today to get my house and myself back in order. I hate feeling disorganized, but by the end of today I was feeling much better.

What I did:

6 treadmill miles in 50:29 min.

Laundry, laundry, and yeah, more laundry. I’d insert a photo here but no one really wants to see that mess.

Made dinner from scratch.

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Chili from

Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

adapted from Tried and Tasty (Printable Recipe)

1 can black beans
1 can corn,
undrained 1 can Rotel,  undrained
1 package ranch dressing mix
1 tsp cumin
1 Tbsp chili powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 8 oz package light cream cheese
2 chicken breasts
Drain and rinse black beans. Place chicken at bottom of pot, then pour out whole can of corn (undrained), rotel, and black beans. Top with seasonings and ranch mix. Stir together. Place cream cheese on top. Cover with lid and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Stir cream cheese into chili. Use 2 forks to shred chicken. Stir together and serve.

4 out of 4 diners satisfied. And by satisfied I mean didn’t flat-out refuse to eat it. Seriously though, it was sooo good! Delicious in a pita wrap, relatively healthy, super easy, and great if you like things a little spicy.

I picked these up this weekend and tried them out.

Since I’m not above embarrassing myself, those are 8 lbs. because the 10 lbs. were too heavy. But….I decided that if I’m going to have runner’s legs I need to ditch the old lady arms.

by Kelly

6 am 6 mile run.

I’m feeling the need to eat clean for speed

By Kelly

4.40 Mile Hill run at 6am…78 degress and 82% humidity

My birthday week was great!! Loved every minute of it. This card that my friend Maribeth got me pretty much sums it up.

I also added a lot of unhealthy food to that recipe. I miserably failed at my plan for no weight gain. I weighed myself after my hot, sweaty, hill run this morning and I was up 1 1/2 pounds. That is ridiculous.

My concern with any weight gain is not all about how I look, but more how it is going to affect my running. Today I felt super slow and sluggish. Some of that I can attribute to the hot, humid weather but not all of it.

My PR half was when I was at my lightest and was strict about eating clean. So does my weight really affect my running speed significantly? I have read that on average for every pound you lose you run 2 seconds faster per mile. If I could lose 10 pounds that would be 20 seconds faster which is significant because I will be running 26.2 miles on October 28.

My plan is to follow the Eat to Live diet 90% of the time (with some added lean protein). I am going to try this for a week and see how I feel, hopefully it will get rid of the 1 1/2 pounds I put on in a week and I can motivate myself to continue eating healthy for the next 14 weeks.

by Sue

Monday: 6 treadmill miles in 50:37 min.

More Weekend Randomness

by Sue

So this past week lived up to be every bit as crazy and exhausting as I’d anticipated it to be. The good thing is that it’s OVER! And, it ended with a little relaxation and fun over the weekend. AND, I got all my runs in.

This weekend the girls had a gymnastics camp in Columbus which happens to be close to where my sister lives, so they got to spend a little time with their favorite aunt. After I dropped them off at camp Saturday morning, I headed out for my long weekend run. For whatever reason, I’d been kind of dreading this particular run but wasn’t exactly sure why. Maybe because I knew I’d be solo and it would be hot by the time I could get started. Or maybe I just would’ve rather been shopping.

10 miles in 1:27 DONE!!
SHADY almost the whole way.
Lots of people (and by people I mean runner) watching.
I did NOT have a runner/biker collision with any of the guys who were biking as if they were training for the Tour de France.

Went out too fast.
Should’ve carried water.
Why can’t I seem to ever learn from either of these?

After camp we took the girls to the pool.

This is what happens when you take one silly girl and add cheese puffs and a wet face.

Then we went out to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. One thing I miss most living in a small town is good food.

Arugula and strawberry salad with polenta croutons.

And this doesn’t require any description.

Sunday: a much needed rest day with only a little bit of guilt.

30 total miles for the week.

by Kelly

Saturday: 4.25 mile hill run with Ryan.

Beer at Tiffany’s

By Kelly

10 mile run on bike trail.

My birthday week has been full of fun. Thursday night we met my parents for dinner. I had blackened Salmon and the best corn I have ever tasted. It was a perfect evening.

Happy Birthday to Ryan and Me!

Carrot Cake (my favorite) with Happy Birthday written in Chocolate!

Friday morning we woke up and did our 10 mile long run on a bike trail along the River. It was humid and rainy, but got it done. Then off to shop. We went into Tiffany’s and the salesman asked if we were looking for something special, and Ryan told him it was my birthday. He helped us pick out a bracelet that I love!! After he asked if I would like to try on some other jewelry. He took us back to a small office and got us two beers and I tried on the biggest diamond they had it the store, I think it was 2 1/2 carets, with a price of $70,000 (I couldn’t talk Ryan into buying an addtional birthday gift for me). I also tried on a few other items. It was sooo much fun.

Beer at Tiffany’s

This has been a great birthday week…Off to the Lake tomorrow to celebrate the actual day with some friends.

by Sue

4 treadmill miles in 33:29 min.

Shoe Love

by Sue

My friend Wendy (who just signed up for her first half marathon this fall!) asked me what kind of running shoes I wear. Ummm….

Some may see this as a problem?

This is the view from the back of my treadmill. I mean, what girl doesn’t love shoes? Anyway, I do rotate them. Really. And I’ve always read that you should get a new pair of shoes after every 500 miles. My current (and longtime favorite) brand is Asics. I got the new Gel Nimbus 13 a while ago and love them, and that’s been the shoe du jour lately. Equally as beloved (because it is love we’re talking about, right?) are my Mizuno Wave Riders, which I wore for the Cleveland Marathon. And I absolutely refuse to blame them for the seven (seven!) toenails I lost after that race.

Miles for today: 4 treadmill miles crammed in between work and kids’ activities in 33:04 min.

Another reason why I NEED all those shoes….so they’ll be nice and broken in because there are only

left til this!!

by Kelly

6am hot Route 40 run–4 miles.

Marine Corp Birthday Wishes?

By Kelly

6 miles Treadmill Run watching Sex and the City

Monday morning I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my birthday week then with a hot, humid, hilly run with Ryan. It was actually a good run except for the few times I slipped behind on a hill and was told by Ryan to “suck it up Buttercup” to try to motivate me.

I came home and checked my email and this is the birthday greeting I received from the Marine Corp Marathon.

I love my birthday week. Mostly because I have incredible family, friends and co-workers who go out of their way to make it extra special. The official day is Saturday but I have already received so many wonderful card and gifts. The only bad part about celebrating my birthday all week is the extra calories that go along with it. My plan to try to avoid any weight gain is to add some additional miles to the training schedule this week, and watching my calories on non-celebration meals. After all…I don’t want to disappoint the Marines that are going to be out there cheering for me.

by Sue

6 early morning treadmill miles in 50:40 min.

Week Two….

by Sue

This is shaping up to be one of those crazy busy weeks where I have looked ahead at my calendar and am feeling a little panicked about when I’m going to find the time to fit all my runs in. Since I leave for work at 6am (and never know an exact time that I’ll be home), it’s not preferable–or maybe I’m just too lazy–to get up at 4am to get a moderate amount of miles in. I’m an early riser, but for me that’s a stretch. Add to that a handful of appointments and evening kids’ activities. Which is why I decided to throw a few extra miles in last Sunday as a little cushion because I’m too focused on (read: obsessed with) numbers and cannot fall short of the scheduled miles for the week. I tend to be crazy like that.

Yesterday I managed to get 6 treadmill miles in in 51:06 min. A good start to the week, so I’ll take it! Today is a rest day.

by Kelly

Monday – 5 mile hill run with Ryan and Robyn

Tuesday – 4 mile hill run with Ryan and Robyn