Celebrating Ryan Hall’s Birthday

by Kelly

Yesterday was Ryan Hall’s birthday.   Not Olympic runner Ryan Hall, but my husband who Sue nicknamed Ryan Hall because of his  seemingly effortless running style.    To celebrate his birthday he and 4 of his friends kayaked 14 miles of the Muskingum River to the Ohio River.   The wives met them in Marietta for a birthday dinner at the Marietta Brewing Company.  

My Nutrition Goals were not met for the day due to the above pictured Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

This was our first official day of Marine Corp Marathon Training.  The schedule called for a 3 mile easy run and I ended up running 3.5 easy miles outside at 6am.    Only 79 more training runs.

by Sue

Workouts posted:

Monday:  4 treadmill miles  0.0 incline (I hate hills–if ever I do run any degree of incline, be assured that I will make mention)  32:53 min

Tuesday:  5 treadmill miles  42:18  min

And Happy Birthday, Ryan!


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