Workouts, Wine, and Prison

by Sue

Today:  6 miles outside, flat, 49:25 min

My sister-in-law and niece from North Carolina are in town, so being the incredible hostess I am, I took them out to Kelly and I’s standing weekend date spot–“The Trail”.  I started out running the first half mile or so with them then took off solo.  “Hills” were on the schedule for today, but since I didn’t want to inflict that on them, or mostly, on myself, I added an extra mile to alleviate any associated guilt.  I kept an average pace in the low 8:00’s so I was super happy with that.  Not to mention the brief period of time I cranked it out in the 7:50 range!  And for that I thank you, Rage Against the Machine.  

Later we went to a local wine tasting.  Good times with the SIL and MIL.  How come I’m the only one with an empty glass?  Special thanks to my MIL’s boyfriend’s daughter (did you get all that?) who invited us….and to my niece who so graciously watched the girls, thus enabling us to knock back a couple adult beverages.

by Kelly

Yesterday:  5 easy miles on the treadmill watching Sex and the City Reruns.  This is one of my favorite ways to make a treadmill run tolerable.

Today:  3.5 easy miles outside at 5:45 am

I never thought I would spend part of my morning in a prison, but I did today.  I was called to serve on the Grand Jury this month.   One of the first duties of our Grand Jury is to visit the jail to evaluate its condition.  A deputy gave us a tour including the booking area and the cells.  Except for being startled when I came around a corner too quick and I saw a prisioner’s face pressed up against his window, I enjoyed the experience of seeing how a jail operates.  After the tour we heard testimony on two different potential cases and we were done for the day.    Until next week…

I found a great new snack at the grocery store today,   Dole Nutritionplus Chia and Fruit Clusters!   Although not a totally clean food, they are delicious.


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