Dew like Diamonds

by Kelly

Today:  5 mile hill run with Ryan Hall at 6:00 am

Last night I told Ryan that I was going to take my ipod on our morning hill run.   I got “the look” and a “that’s fine” response, which is standard when I say I need my ipod.   Ryan is anti-music during any run (this is one of his many running anomalies).

My pre-run morning routine includes reading the Runner’s World Quote of the Day email to help inspire me to get out there and make it a good run.   This was today’s Quote –  “Early morning.  Sun rising. Birds Singing. Dew like diamonds. Calm. No Ipod. I am part of the universe, not something running through it.”    (written by -RW Challenger Shawn Cuoto-her idea of a rave run)

It couldn’t have been a more perfect reminder that I need work on my goal of developing mental toughness while running.   I walked out the door with no ipod and ran the best 5 mile hill run that I have in years.  Along the way we saw a few rabbits,  a lot of birds and two small deer which were standing within a few feet of us.  Maybe looking at my surroundings and enjoying what I see,  instead of trying to just get through a run is how I should run.   By no means am I giving up my ipod on all runs, but it was a great hard run and I proved to myself that I can do it without music.

This evening my wonderful in-laws came in town to celebrate Ryan’s birthday.    They also gave me an early birthday present….Oakley running glasses!!!

by Sue

Today:  Rest Day



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