Weekend Randomness

By Kelly

Saturday: 9 mile trail run 7am. Ran 6 with a friend and 3 on my own.

Sunday:  Jilllian Michaels Extreme Shred & Shred; Kayaking

I felt good running today. That might seem like a strange statement for someone who loves to run, but for the past year the majority of my runs I felt like I was just suffering through. After PRing the Capital City Half Marathon in May 2011, I have struggled with running at a consistent pace and really feeling good during the run. I often wonder if trying to accomplish so much in 2011 could have contributed to my running struggles. I ran the Cap City Half in May 2011, I climbed Mt. Rainier with Ryan in June, Berlin Marathon in September, 2 additional half marathons and a 10k thrown in there might have been too much for my 40-something year old body. But I felt good today, that runners high I can do this forever good. It is exactly how I needed to feel for our first long training run for Marine Corp, I hope each long run I feel exactly like I did today.

by Sue

Saturday: First 10 mile long-ish run in training plan in 1:26 min. Drizzly and cooler temp-wise than it’s been in a long time. Took me about 3 hours to recover after this one, which is a little worrisome as it really wasn’t that long of a run in the big scheme of things. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that our pace was pretty much warp speed. Thank you, Ryan. I think.

Weekend randomness: Took the dogs to the lake to see if they’d swim.

THIS girl doesn’t. But what she lacks in swimming ability, she makes up for in sweetness.

Had a few friends over for a fish fry to eat up all the walleye my husband caught on his fishing trip with his brother this week. Way too much eating. My favorite summer BBQ dessert to make/eat:

The Lady & Sons’ Peach Cobbler (Paula Deen)

I think we set a world record for the most fireflies caught in a 30 min. time period.

Sunday: Finished the running week off with an additional run: 6 easy treadmill miles 50:56 min. See the aforementioned peach cobbler.

36 total miles for the week.


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