Marine Corp Birthday Wishes?

By Kelly

6 miles Treadmill Run watching Sex and the City

Monday morning I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my birthday week then with a hot, humid, hilly run with Ryan. It was actually a good run except for the few times I slipped behind on a hill and was told by Ryan to “suck it up Buttercup” to try to motivate me.

I came home and checked my email and this is the birthday greeting I received from the Marine Corp Marathon.

I love my birthday week. Mostly because I have incredible family, friends and co-workers who go out of their way to make it extra special. The official day is Saturday but I have already received so many wonderful card and gifts. The only bad part about celebrating my birthday all week is the extra calories that go along with it. My plan to try to avoid any weight gain is to add some additional miles to the training schedule this week, and watching my calories on non-celebration meals. After all…I don’t want to disappoint the Marines that are going to be out there cheering for me.

by Sue

6 early morning treadmill miles in 50:40 min.


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