More Weekend Randomness

by Sue

So this past week lived up to be every bit as crazy and exhausting as I’d anticipated it to be. The good thing is that it’s OVER! And, it ended with a little relaxation and fun over the weekend. AND, I got all my runs in.

This weekend the girls had a gymnastics camp in Columbus which happens to be close to where my sister lives, so they got to spend a little time with their favorite aunt. After I dropped them off at camp Saturday morning, I headed out for my long weekend run. For whatever reason, I’d been kind of dreading this particular run but wasn’t exactly sure why. Maybe because I knew I’d be solo and it would be hot by the time I could get started. Or maybe I just would’ve rather been shopping.

10 miles in 1:27 DONE!!
SHADY almost the whole way.
Lots of people (and by people I mean runner) watching.
I did NOT have a runner/biker collision with any of the guys who were biking as if they were training for the Tour de France.

Went out too fast.
Should’ve carried water.
Why can’t I seem to ever learn from either of these?

After camp we took the girls to the pool.

This is what happens when you take one silly girl and add cheese puffs and a wet face.

Then we went out to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. One thing I miss most living in a small town is good food.

Arugula and strawberry salad with polenta croutons.

And this doesn’t require any description.

Sunday: a much needed rest day with only a little bit of guilt.

30 total miles for the week.

by Kelly

Saturday: 4.25 mile hill run with Ryan.


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