You have to kiss a few frogs…

By Kelly

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – 5 mile hill run with Ryan at 6am & afternoon kayak

Sunday one of my good friends Tara was in town and we met at the lake to kayak. I was going to consider it a cross training, but I think the fact we had a few beers while kayaking negates the cross training aspect of the workout. We did paddle hard and ended up in this incredible area of the lake.


There were hundreds of lily pads covering this part of the lake!!   No frogs though…

My Saturday morning long run was good.   I felt great the whole time and didn’t mind running solo especially since my only other option was running at cheetah speed with Ryan and Sue.  Ryan did join me for my last half mile, but one of my favorite running songs.. 99 problems by JayZ was on my ipod, so there wasn’t a lot of talking between us, I was just focused on finishing.

After the run I headed up to the big city.   I had the honor of hosting my niece Sarah’s wedding shower at my mom’s house.   It was a perfect day and she got a lot of great gifts including a tangerine Kitchen Aid Mixer.   We had two great desserts.

Carrot Cake Cupcake (made by Kennedy’s bakery) and Chocolate Covered Oreos decorated in her wedding colors (made by

My dad was the official photographer so he joined us in a family picture.

Some of my family…Me, My Aunt Susie, Bride-to-Be-Sarah, Dad, Mom and Sister-in-law Paige

It was great to meet some of Sarah’s friends and her fiance Joe’s family.   I am looking forward August 11.

By Sue

Monday 6 mile treadmill run 50:14


One thought on “You have to kiss a few frogs…

  1. OMG!!! I’m a total groupie! Love the blog ladies. Kelly, keep up the great runs! Sue, you are amazing, I cannot believe how fast you’re getting!

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