Lean and Green

by Sue

I recently finished reading this book.


Jackie Warner is a trainer who is known for getting celebrities red carpet-ready within a short time frame. I don’t need to be red carpet-ready, I just need my pants not to be too squeezy.

Her basic premise is that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days by following (exactly) her very simple eating and exercise plans, continue losing over a 30 day period, and then maintain through a clean diet and her specifically outlined exercise program.

The diet plan seems pretty easy to follow, although the calories are low (960ish/day) for the first week then gradually increase as does the exercise program. She emphasizes how to maximize fat burn through her diet plan and an exercise plan centered around cardio-acceleration.

My take-home:

  • Great new (especially arm) exercises
  • Inspiration to eat clean
  • I really should be drinking a lot more water
  • .

    Overall, it really makes a lot of sense and I’m pretty sure if I tried it (by the book), I would definitely see results. Is this the program to be on now, in the middle of marathon training with an insane amount of mileage?….probably not.

    Anyone who knows me, knows that if it’s green and in dirt, I will kill it.


    Who knew?

    Monday: 4 treadmill miles in 33:09. I woke up at 4:15am to get this run in since this was the only time I was going to have that day. Dedicated? Maybe. Crazy? Absolutely.

    Tuesday: 8 treadmill miles in 67:32

    Wednesday: 7 treadmill miles in 58:37


    Challenging Ryan Hall

    By Kelly

    Sunday-Rest Day

    Monday-Rest Day

    Tuesday-5 mile treadmill run…calf pain started after mile 4

    Often when I run with Ryan I am annoyed by the fact that I feel like I am giving it my all and he seems to be just taking a stroll.  Smiling, talking and barely sweating.   I have threatened to go find a high school or college student to run with him just so he could feel like I do while running with him.

    On Monday he took the day off and went for a 85 mile bike ride (because a 16 mile run this weekend wasn’t enough) on the North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia with one of his friends Manny.   Manny has been biking for many years and this is a new sport Ryan has taken up and Manny challenged him, which is hard to do.  He sent me 6 videos from his ride.  Every video except for the last says “I’m dying”..and in most of them he looks like it.

    His reference to “the kids” are our precious mutts Fred and Ginger.   You can hear Manny laughing in the background.

    Thank you Manny for giving him a little taste of how I feel when I am running with him.

    My calf (or “wheel” as Ryan calls it) felt horrible on Sunday, better on Monday and now sore again after running this morning.   Three days until I have to make a decision on the marathon and I have no idea at this point what I am going to do.

    I made a great recipe that I found on Pinterest tonight.

    Healthy Black Bean Chili Stuffed Peppers



    I did not use the mushrooms because Ryan is anit-fungi.  In place I added 3 cups of Rotisserie Chicken.  It was delicious!

    Feeling Appreciative

    by Sue

    Other than the two halfs we have coming up, the days of the “short” or even “medium” length long runs are over. We are now officially into the high double digits of miles.

    Trying to keep this in mind as I’m staring down the many long runs ahead of us….

    Friday & Sunday: Rest days.

    Saturday long run: 16 miles on the trail with Ryan in 2:21. His goal was to keep us under a 9:00 average pace. Just made it. I will not say one single negative thing about those 16 miles. Because I was lucky enough to be ABLE to run them, uninjured, and Kelly cannot right now and that sucks more than I can possibly imagine.

    42 total miles for the week.

    Putting it in Perspective..

    By Kelly

    Wednesday: Rest Day

    Thursday: Life-Cycle – Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD

    Friday: Arms and Abs with trainer Josh

    Saturday-5 mile run; 13 mile bike

    Just returned from one of Ryan’s Co-workers calling hours.  38 years old with a wife and children and died of cancer.   Suddenly my worries about whether my calf injury will prevent me from running the Chicago half in 2 weeks and Marine Corp Marathon in 8 weeks seem ridiculous.

    Since last weeks failed long run I  have taken it easy.  I followed the advice of my trainer, to run slow and not long distances and when it hurts stop…Uncomfortable is ok, hurting is not.  I reminded him of my upcoming races and his comment was “those could be a problem”.    Within a half mile it was uncomfortable, but it didn’t start hurting until into mile 4…made it to mile 5 and then biked 13 until Ryan and Sue were done.

    I checked and Marine Corp Marathon allows runners to defer their  Marathon entry to the following year.  The problem is you have to defer by August 31st.  I am giving myself this week to decide…Again insignificant…but still a decision that has to be made.

    This was one of our last weekends at the lake..it ended up being a pretty lazy lake weekend.   Sweet Ginger loves to swim.  She made the half mile swim across the lake and back.

    Kayak and Swim Across the Lake. Ginger is on the Left in her life jacket.

    Exhausted Ginger






    Some Firsts and This Week’s Runs

    by Sue

    It was an exciting start to the week for one of us.

    First visit from the Tooth Fairy.

    Monday: 8 treadmill miles in 69:23. Slow, uncomfortable, still sick, and still tired from Sunday.

    Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:57. Still not 100%, but hopefully on the upswing. Thought I was finished for the day til Kristy and I decided to go for a run while the girls were at gymnastics practice. Not sure what I was thinking….apparently my cold had also made me irrational. Another 5 miles (hills) in 48:41. Not the easiest. But I was long overdue for some hills.

    Wednesday: 4 treadmill miles in 33:27.

    Thursday: 5 treadmill miles in 41:28.

    It has been a lonely few days without these two.

    Back to school.

    Pop Goes the….

    By Kelly


    I had high hopes for my 14 mile run on Sunday.     I started out before Ryan and Sue .  I was going to meet a friend at mile 2 and she was going to run the remaining 12 with me.   I saw Robyn ahead and then I felt a sharp pain in my calf.  I thought Ryan had thrown a rock at my calf.   Turned to look and he was nowhere in sight and all of a sudden it hurt to run…a lot.   I hobbled towards Robyn, got the typical “Suck it up Buttercup” from Ryan as he cruised by (although he did stop of a second to make sure I was ok).   I tried on and off to run, but just couldn’t do it.   Got about 3 miles in that day.

    As soon as I got home I grabbed my compression socks (Thank you sister-in-law Susie)…

    CEP Compression Calf Sleeves

    and The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies (Thank you Sue)

    Self Diagnosis-a Calf strain and apply the usual running injury technique-R.I.C.E.  (rest, ice, compression, elevation)  So the rest of Sunday I stayed as much as possible on the couch and tried not to feel too sorry for myself .  I wish I knew what caused it but more importantly how to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.   As a runner who rarely deviates from her training program this is seriously stressing me out.

    I did come across this article from Runners World – The 10 laws of Injury Prevention


    I will try to incorporate some of the author’s advice when I can run again.   For now I am focusing on cross training.

    Monday  – 12 mile bike ride with Ryan and as long as I favored my other leg I felt ok.

    Tuesday I was out-of-town for work so I attended a Body Pump Class with Pam.   It was a 60 minutes class that the founder Les Mills describes as “using THE REP EFFECT™ a breakthrough in resistance workout training. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.”  I loved the class and if we had it in our area I would go on a regular basis.   I am sore today.

    Hopefully ready to run by the week-end.

    Sunday, Runny Sunday

    by Sue

    Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 50:05

    The week was winding down and I took the girls for a little treat. Ice cream for dinner. As one would imagine, I received no objections.

    Banana caramel sundae with marshmallow creme. Added salted cashews for some “good fat”. Wait….do cashews have good fat? There are bananas in there, you just can’t see them.

    I will miss summer days like this, but at the same time, I am so ready for fall and fall running weather.

    Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 33:35

    Saturday: rest day

    I’m ready for you, Ryan. New shoes and all. Please disregard the wine in the background.

    Sunday long run: Well, I would have been ready if it hadn’t been for a perfectly timed head cold, which made running those 14 miles extra awesome. Kristy ran the first 6 with us then (lucky her) biked the second half. I know I was holding Ryan WAY back, as he wanted to keep an 8:30 pace. This was more like 9:00, but all things considered, not bad. 14 miles in 2:06.

    37 miles total for week.

    A Week in Review

    By Kelly

    Tuesday-4 mile treadmill run

    Wednesday-6 mile treadmill run

    Friday-7 mile treadmill run; Workout with trainer Josh (arms and abs)

    Saturday night wedding + picking up our niece and nephew to spend 5 days with us + two days out-of-town for work = exhausted


    13 mile long run on the Guernsey Country Trail.    It was a slow but good run.

    My niece’s wedding.   It was perfect and a lot of fun!!


    My dad and his granddaughter

    Me and my cousins



    Ryan and I went to RoadRunner Sports and got fitted for new shoes.   My ITB has been bothering me a bit, so I thought it might be time to try another brand.   They spend about 15 minutes doing different tests on your feet, including video taping your run to determine if you pronate or not.  They then plug it all into a computer to determine the best shoes for you.  I will go back there everytime I buy new shoes.

    Ryan usually buys his shoes at the Nike outlet, but decided to get fitted to see if it would make his running any better.   He usually wears size 12, but was fitted for size 14…just what he needs shoes to make him faster.  (Sorry Sue)

    Picked up our Niece and Nephew so they could spend the week in our small town and at the lake.


    Up at 5 am, drove to client which was an 1 1/2 hours away.   Home, Dinner at Olive Garden (my nephew’s first experience there), Bed.


    Work than Fishing at the Lake with the kids, Cookout.

    Ryan teaching Nephew to Fish..He ended up catching a large catfish!!


    Kennywood Amusement Park all Day!!   One of Lululemon’s mottos is “Scare Yourself Once a Day”.   I think I accomplished that on the Phantoms Revenge Roller Coaster.

    Obviously I didn’t realize they were taking a picture


    Up at 5am back to client.   Ryan dropped off the kids…the house is quiet again.


    Run, Workout with Trainer Josh, grocery store, Work, home at 4:30 and a 1 1/2 hour much-needed nap.    I learned this week how much appreciation I have for good parents.   I loved having our niece and nephew, but it was a lot of work!  I also realized that I need my sleep; I averaged about 6 hours of sleep  a night this week and I was getting cranky by the end of the week.    Looking forward to our lives being back to normal.









    Last Week of Summer Vacation

    by Sue

    It’s already the middle of my week of vacation, and it is going by WAY too quickly. Since my husband is out west backpacking/mountain climbing, we are having a girls week at home. It’s the last full week before school starts, so we’ve been enjoying some fun and relaxation AND some miles!

    That’s him on the right. Somewhere in Idaho, elevation 12,662 feet. I’ll stick to running, thanks.

    Monday was a rest day for me since we went shopping in the city. My mom and father-in-law met us. And unless lobster bisque and Graeter’s raspberry chip ice cream fall into that category, clean eating did NOT happen today. On a positive note, we did manage to get all our shopping done in the time we had.

    My oldest is now old enough to shop at the store where they have the hot naked guy on the front of the bags. Fortunately he didn’t show up on this one.

    New kicks. 2 pairs of shoes each times 2 girls equals twice what 1 pair of MY running shoes costs. Yikes.

    In the true spirit of non-clean eating, we continued the trend on Tuesday. I really, really wanted to get the Clark Burger, but I knew I’d want to save room for this.

    A pie slice the size of a 7 year-old’s head.

    And very, very much needed were:
    Tuesday: 7 treadmill miles in 58:10
    Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles in 50:11

    A Good Run and Some Good Finds

    by Sue

    Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 49:50.
    Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:42.

    Saturday: Long early morning run on trail with Ryan and my friend Kristy, who ran the first half with us. 13 relatively easy miles in 1:55. I felt MUCH better on this run compared to last weekend’s–65 degrees and a cool breeze and an average pace around 9:00 had a lot to do with it. Thankfully Ryan was taking it easy….he did have the men’s Olympic marathon this morning and all.

    This weekend our little town has its annual arts and crafts fest. I rehydrated with a giant lemon shake-up. The yummy kind where you can actually chew the sugar in it.

    The beautiful vintage fabric hand-sewn bag I bought. You can’t see the inside but it has two pockets that coordinate with the outside. I got one for my sister too but I won’t post a picture just in case she ever decides to read this blog, but you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s just as beautiful. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtyZin?ref=shop_sugg

    I also got this sterling silver ring which I LOVE. A couple people I know will be getting earrings made by the same designer.

    All in all, a great weekend!

    • 13 decent miles done!
    • Sunday rest day
    • a handful of Christmas gifts purchased and it’s only August
    • the beginning of a whole week of vacation!

    36 total miles for the week.

    by Kelly

    Friday: Workout with trainer Josh (core and arms) and 1 hour kayak.

    Saturday: 13 mile run