Friends and the City

By Kelly

Friday- 3.5 mile run with Pam

This was a busy week.  Out of town for work Thursday and Friday when usually I have Friday’s off has left me a bit frazzled and to make things worse, running has seemed to be more of a struggle this week then it has since I started our Marine Corp training.    

I am reading the book Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness


   He is a vegan ultra-marathoner…So far it is an awesome book…

Things I love about being away from our small town:

  • Seeing my Friends and Family


  • Sushi for dinner


  • Jeni’s Ice Cream. 

Post Sushi Rock Jeni’s Ice Cream with Pam

  • For those unlucky people who have never had Jeni’s, it is the most incredible homemade ice cream.  My choices were one scoop of  Brambleberry Crunch and one scoop of  Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries.  It might not sound appealing to some, but it is the best ice cream I have ever had.  The servings are not huge which is a big plus.   I am not sure if it is nationwide yet, but attached is a link to their web-site.


I got in a morning run with Pam before work.  Although she has Kenyan like ability,  she can just pull back so we can talk the whole time.   It was a good run.

Heading to the Lake for the weekend and hoping for a great long run tomorrow morning!!


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