The (Not-So-Old) Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

by Sue

Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:04.

Saturday: In prep for this morning’s long run, Kelly told me she’d try to get Ryan to drink a couple of extra beers the night before. I suggested tequila instead.

A breakdown of the numbers:

  • 12 miles at 7am in 1:42
  • 80% humidity
  • The first 7 miles were decent.
  • The last 5 miles were not. I don’t know why the second half of this run was so rough for me, but it was just such a struggle. Was it the humidity? What I ate/didn’t eat? Who knows. All I know is I felt BAD. Like dizzy, legs numb kind of bad.
  • 5 “Let’s go, Shalane!”s from Ryan.
  • One unidentified insect, size large, swallowed or inhaled, I’m not exactly sure which.
  • Although appreciated, I lost count of the motivational and/or movie quotes from Ryan during the last 4 miles.
  • 1,082 times I thought to myself, I want to walk. Now.
  • 2 (wait….was that all?) unpublishable swear words by me.
  • One girl ready for a rest day Sunday.
  • .
    Saturday evening we had a "surprise" birthday party for my MIL. Orchestrated, almost entirely, by a 7 and 9 year old. We had the BEST pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, etc. from a local family's side business. The girls also made dessert and planned party games. Because what grandma's birthday party is complete without monkey face cupcakes and water balloons?

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful MIL….can you believe she is 69?

    Sunday: The girls made me promise to get them up to watch the women’s Olympic marathon.

    What an AMAZING effort and display of graciousness by these two ladies. So inspiring.

    34 total miles for the week.

    by Kelly

    11 mile run Saturday.


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