There is no Crying in Running!

By Kelly

Sunday-Rest Day

Monday – 3.5 horrible miles

Friday night I thought I thought I was properly preparing for our long run Saturday morning.     Ryan thought a carbo loading dinner of pasta was a good thing to have because that is what we will be eating the night before the marathon.  

Ryan Carbo loading

My bowl was not that big!

Saturday I woke up and was ready to have an incredible run, but it just didn’t happen.   My legs felt sore on the first 4 to 5 miles and once the Advil kicked in I had no leg pain, but I couldn’t get into my running groove.  I must have looked bad while running because a biker passed me and said “you know biking is so much easier”.   That was the first time I wanted to cry.   I got done and I was so disappointed that I wanted to burst into tears.   I am unsure why, but once I turned 40 I became a crier.  I don’t just cry when I am sad but also when I see something inspiring (I have been a mess watching the Olympics) and also when I am frustrated/disappointed.    I wanted this to be another great run, but it wasn’t. 

I was convinced this morning would be a perfect short run after my rest day but my calf started cramping at mile 1…I walked it out and I was able to start running after a while, but we shortened our route and that made me want to cry (and scream).    I need to learn how to cope with bad runs, because it is only going to get more challenging over the next 12 weeks.    I need to listen to Desiree regarding her marathon experience..

If I came here and I just moped and left right away and didn’t take anything away from it, that would be a huge mistake. So I’m gonna use this as a learning experience.”  – Desiree Davila

I saw this kid from London Ohio  interviewed on our local news this weekend.   He said he was approached by his principal who told him Nike was looking for a heavy-set child to be in their commercial.   His mom was also interviewed and said she was so proud of him.   Yes, I cried when I watched it….


One thought on “There is no Crying in Running!

  1. Sometimes the hardest part about the bad run whether it be long or short, is getting back out there the next time. I always have it in the back of my mind and it always makes my next run extra crappy!

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