1 ground beef patty, pierogie stacked, lettuce cheese tomato onions on a sesame seed bun..

By Kelly

Thursday – 5 mile hill run

In addition to being a phenomenal runner, Ryan can eat…a lot…and still be a fast runner and fit person.   So last weekend we had friends out to the lake to kayak, paddleboard and cookout.    Over dinner a discussion came up between Ryan and Steve (an owner of the best restaurants close to us) regarding what would be Ryan’s ideal burger.   Of course it had to be big and have a ton of stuff on it.   So “The Clark (aka Ryan) burger” was born.     Tuesday morning Ryan received a text that the Clark burger was on the menu!

One of Tuesday’s special

We dined there on Tuesday night, and while everyone else had the Clark burger,  I had grilled Tilipia and a plain baked potato..although I did enjoy a bite of his burger and a few fries.    The burger was so good!!!

This picture does not do it justice…

This one does..

He was told that it sold great and was a special on Wednesday also.   People said the Pierogie on top was “genius” 🙂  It doesn’t take a lot to excite our small town.

I had some decent runs this week except that my calf feels tight after about a mile on the hills, it seems to work itself out if I slow down for a bit, but it is somewhat worrisome.   I am looking forward to a nice flat long run on Saturday morning.



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