Last Week of Summer Vacation

by Sue

It’s already the middle of my week of vacation, and it is going by WAY too quickly. Since my husband is out west backpacking/mountain climbing, we are having a girls week at home. It’s the last full week before school starts, so we’ve been enjoying some fun and relaxation AND some miles!

That’s him on the right. Somewhere in Idaho, elevation 12,662 feet. I’ll stick to running, thanks.

Monday was a rest day for me since we went shopping in the city. My mom and father-in-law met us. And unless lobster bisque and Graeter’s raspberry chip ice cream fall into that category, clean eating did NOT happen today. On a positive note, we did manage to get all our shopping done in the time we had.

My oldest is now old enough to shop at the store where they have the hot naked guy on the front of the bags. Fortunately he didn’t show up on this one.

New kicks. 2 pairs of shoes each times 2 girls equals twice what 1 pair of MY running shoes costs. Yikes.

In the true spirit of non-clean eating, we continued the trend on Tuesday. I really, really wanted to get the Clark Burger, but I knew I’d want to save room for this.

A pie slice the size of a 7 year-old’s head.

And very, very much needed were:
Tuesday: 7 treadmill miles in 58:10
Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles in 50:11


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