A Week in Review

By Kelly

Tuesday-4 mile treadmill run

Wednesday-6 mile treadmill run

Friday-7 mile treadmill run; Workout with trainer Josh (arms and abs)

Saturday night wedding + picking up our niece and nephew to spend 5 days with us + two days out-of-town for work = exhausted


13 mile long run on the Guernsey Country Trail.    It was a slow but good run.

My niece’s wedding.   It was perfect and a lot of fun!!


My dad and his granddaughter

Me and my cousins



Ryan and I went to RoadRunner Sports and got fitted for new shoes.   My ITB has been bothering me a bit, so I thought it might be time to try another brand.   They spend about 15 minutes doing different tests on your feet, including video taping your run to determine if you pronate or not.  They then plug it all into a computer to determine the best shoes for you.  I will go back there everytime I buy new shoes.

Ryan usually buys his shoes at the Nike outlet, but decided to get fitted to see if it would make his running any better.   He usually wears size 12, but was fitted for size 14…just what he needs shoes to make him faster.  (Sorry Sue)

Picked up our Niece and Nephew so they could spend the week in our small town and at the lake.


Up at 5 am, drove to client which was an 1 1/2 hours away.   Home, Dinner at Olive Garden (my nephew’s first experience there), Bed.


Work than Fishing at the Lake with the kids, Cookout.

Ryan teaching Nephew to Fish..He ended up catching a large catfish!!


Kennywood Amusement Park all Day!!   One of Lululemon’s mottos is “Scare Yourself Once a Day”.   I think I accomplished that on the Phantoms Revenge Roller Coaster.

Obviously I didn’t realize they were taking a picture


Up at 5am back to client.   Ryan dropped off the kids…the house is quiet again.


Run, Workout with Trainer Josh, grocery store, Work, home at 4:30 and a 1 1/2 hour much-needed nap.    I learned this week how much appreciation I have for good parents.   I loved having our niece and nephew, but it was a lot of work!  I also realized that I need my sleep; I averaged about 6 hours of sleep  a night this week and I was getting cranky by the end of the week.    Looking forward to our lives being back to normal.










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