Putting it in Perspective..

By Kelly

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Life-Cycle – Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD

Friday: Arms and Abs with trainer Josh

Saturday-5 mile run; 13 mile bike

Just returned from one of Ryan’s Co-workers calling hours.  38 years old with a wife and children and died of cancer.   Suddenly my worries about whether my calf injury will prevent me from running the Chicago half in 2 weeks and Marine Corp Marathon in 8 weeks seem ridiculous.

Since last weeks failed long run I  have taken it easy.  I followed the advice of my trainer, to run slow and not long distances and when it hurts stop…Uncomfortable is ok, hurting is not.  I reminded him of my upcoming races and his comment was “those could be a problem”.    Within a half mile it was uncomfortable, but it didn’t start hurting until into mile 4…made it to mile 5 and then biked 13 until Ryan and Sue were done.

I checked and Marine Corp Marathon allows runners to defer their  Marathon entry to the following year.  The problem is you have to defer by August 31st.  I am giving myself this week to decide…Again insignificant…but still a decision that has to be made.

This was one of our last weekends at the lake..it ended up being a pretty lazy lake weekend.   Sweet Ginger loves to swim.  She made the half mile swim across the lake and back.

Kayak and Swim Across the Lake. Ginger is on the Left in her life jacket.

Exhausted Ginger







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