Challenging Ryan Hall

By Kelly

Sunday-Rest Day

Monday-Rest Day

Tuesday-5 mile treadmill run…calf pain started after mile 4

Often when I run with Ryan I am annoyed by the fact that I feel like I am giving it my all and he seems to be just taking a stroll.  Smiling, talking and barely sweating.   I have threatened to go find a high school or college student to run with him just so he could feel like I do while running with him.

On Monday he took the day off and went for a 85 mile bike ride (because a 16 mile run this weekend wasn’t enough) on the North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia with one of his friends Manny.   Manny has been biking for many years and this is a new sport Ryan has taken up and Manny challenged him, which is hard to do.  He sent me 6 videos from his ride.  Every video except for the last says “I’m dying”..and in most of them he looks like it.

His reference to “the kids” are our precious mutts Fred and Ginger.   You can hear Manny laughing in the background.

Thank you Manny for giving him a little taste of how I feel when I am running with him.

My calf (or “wheel” as Ryan calls it) felt horrible on Sunday, better on Monday and now sore again after running this morning.   Three days until I have to make a decision on the marathon and I have no idea at this point what I am going to do.

I made a great recipe that I found on Pinterest tonight.

Healthy Black Bean Chili Stuffed Peppers



I did not use the mushrooms because Ryan is anit-fungi.  In place I added 3 cups of Rotisserie Chicken.  It was delicious!


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