Chicago Bound….

by Sue

Monday: Despite being really sore from
Sunday, I manned up and got this run done for the week, since I only had so many days this week to get a medium-ish run in. 9 treadmill miles in 79:30.

I couldn’t decide what the best training approach was this week. According to the Runner’s World marathon plan I had 4-9-8-4 miles plus the half this weekend. Seems like a lot of miles just prior to a half that ideally I want to do well in. Therefore my compromise with myself was to keep the mileage but slow things WAY down, including the short runs.

Tuesday: rest day.

Wednesday: 8 treadmill miles in 71:50.

Thursday: 8 treadmill miles in 70:40.

Friday: rest day.

Off to Chicago for the Chicago Half, but also for some FUN! Recap to come next week….

In the meantime, this will be my view for the next 7.5 hours:



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