Sweet Dreams are Made of This…

That was the quote that was written on the mirror above our beds at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.  Honestly the only sweet dream I had been to run a pain-free (even if slow) 13.1 miles.   Sunday morning we woke up at 4:45 am and caught a train to the race start.   It was perfect running weather cool and dry.   We all wished each other good luck and off we went.   I felt ok until mile 5 when my injured calf started to hurt.   I slowed down and added some walk breaks in and made it through 13.1 painful miles in 2:33 minutes.  It was slow, but not a PW (personal worst) so I can’t be too disappointed.     The race was well-organized with great crowd support and a nice flat scenic course.   I would love to run it again if given the opportunity.

After the race we went up to the John Hancock building and had a drink and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Thank you Sue Junior for capturing Chicago’s incredible skyline in this picture

In addition to the race, my 48 hours in Chicago were filled with eating, drinking, shopping and some more shopping.   I loved having hours to wander through the shops on Michigan Avenue.   Since I live in a small town the closest real shopping is 90 miles away, so this was so much fun for me.   But by far the very best part of the weekend was spending it with Pam, Sue and Tara .  They are three of my favorite people who I feel like I never have enough time with.     Texting and phone conversations just can’t compare to actually being together and filling a weekend  with great memories.     Each of them have such amazing qualities as a friend and I am so lucky to have them in my life.    Add in Sue’s husband, kids and G-ma W(Sue’s MIL), Danielle (a friend of Taras ) and Justin (Taras significant other) and it ended up being an incredible week-end.  The only thing missing was Ryan who had to work this weekend.

We celebrated Tara’s birthday and finishing the half marathon at Weber Grill.   Tara, I hope your wish (whatever that might be) comes true.

Happy Birthday Tara!!




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