Chicago Half Recap

by Sue

Saturday: Rest day and day to enjoy the city. Did the touristy things with the girls. Their favorite parts:

The ferris wheel at Navy Pier, and….

American Girl Place

Sunday Race Day Recap: A beautiful, cool morning….could not have asked for better weather conditions. The majority of the course ran along the lake (it was an up and back). Like most races, it was a little tight at the beginning, even toward the front, but nice and open after the first 4 miles or so. Overall it was well-organized, super nice people, and tons of food at the finish. I’d definitely run this one again.

My strategy: of course I would have loved to PR. My plan was to slow myself down more at the beginning (since I have a bad habit of starting out too fast) so that I could really give it my all the last few miles. Which was smart for me as I felt pretty good at the end. As you know, I am a numbers girl, so I decided as long as I finished in 1:40-something I’d be good with that. So, it was 13.1 in 1:49:14. Not a PR, not a PS (Personal Slowest as Pam says), but a PM (Personal Maintain).

Kelly, me, and Pam

I think our group of six did amazingly well. My husband reached his goal of a sub-2:00, and Kelly ran a more than respectable time WHILE INJURED. Talk about mental toughness.

Thoughts on the shirt? We have mixed feelings….I think I like it?

After the race we could finally relax (e.g. eat and drink more). And, like Kelly said, really the best part was being able to spend time with good friends and family and doing it somewhere fun. Plus shopping is always a bonus. Hope you had an amazing birthday, Tara!

Best meal of the weekend winner: The Weber Grill. Absolutely the best meal I’ve had in a long time. I love fall comfort food….and their Fall Inspirations menu took it to a whole other level.

This is the plank grilled scallops and butternut squash risotto. Not pictured were the roasted Brussels sprouts and whipped sweet potatoes with bourbon maple butter. And I totally regret not ordering the spiced pumpkin creme brulee. Seriously, what was I thinking??

Now….back to reality….

38.1 total miles for the week.


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