The Mileage is Getting Higher….

by Sue

Monday: I had just gotten started on the treadmill (2 miles in 17:46) with the intention of doing 10, when Ryan called. So, I left (reluctantly? OK, maybe) Drs. Troy and McNamara and met him on the trail. 11 more miles (1:34) for a total of 13 today. The bonus was I’d have 3 less miles to do on Wednesday.

Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles in 33:42.

Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles in 51:41.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: Long run on the trail with Ryan before he and Kelly left for vacation. Nothing says dorky, awkward, almost-trip-over-your-own-feet JUMP! than when you run smack into one of these:

This was the first of two.

So, the run….it was bad. It really was. Why this felt so hard and miserable compared to last weekend’s 20, I haven’t a clue. Even Ryan had a hard time. A little discouraging but I got it done. And it was nice having the weekend free. 20 miles in 2:58.

I did read this appropriately-timed article in October’s Runner’s World as I sat (uncomfortably) for 2 hours at gymnastics practice internally whining about my everything hurting post-20 miles. It did offer some good strategies which I will keep in mind for the future.


And apparently pancakes are the perfect blend of carbs and protein….


They had some great healthy and nutritional twists on the plain old pancake….looks delicious!

Saturday: 4 slow treadmill miles in 35:09.

Sunday: Rest day.

47 total miles for the week.


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