How to burn Calories in Santa Fe

We arrived in Santa Fe to the typical blue skies and 70 degree weather.  Thanks to Delta’s generous first class upgrade (and a few free cocktails), club access in our layover in Atlanta (with even more cocktails), there was not a lot of motivation to exercise when we arrived at the condo on Saturday afternoon, but all that changed Sunday morning when we woke up.

So how does an injured runner burn calories while on vacation?   If you are in Santa Fe and married to Ryan Hall you climb mountains.

Sunday morning’s accomplishment was climbing Mt. Atalaya.  Although only 6 miles round trip you start our at an altitude of 7,000 feet and climb to 9,000 feet in 3 miles.    There is a difficult and easier route and of course with Ryan that means there is only one choice the harder, steeper route.     Halfway up to the top my heart was pounding and I felt like I was sprinting.  The payoff is a beautiful view of Santa Fe and the surrounding area.

My yogi friend getting her Zen on at the top of Mt. Atalaya

We did the same climb again on Thursday and Ryan (the overachiever) and a friend did it again on Saturday.   It is a great hike which is not a far drive from the Plaza, so I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Santa Fe and wanting to burn some major calories and see some spectacular views.

Monday we attempted a more challenging hike that is closer to Albuquerque.   The Sandia Mountain’s La Luz trail starts at an altitude of 6,000 feet and you climb to 9,000 ft.   It is approximately 10 miles to the top.   The reason this was our hike of choice was that one of our friends asked Ryan if he could find a hike with the bar at the top.  Ryan of course found him one.   The amazing thing about this hike is you start in the desert with signs warning of Rattlesnakes and tarantulas, and end in the Alpine trees.

The desert portion of the hike. Ryan pointing out that we had a long way to go

About halfway up…Starting the hardest part of the hike…through the rock fields

We made it to the top….

After a beer  at the High Finance Restaurant on the top, we took the tram back down to the bottom and got to enjoy some additional views of Sandia Mountain.


Besides hiking I was able to get in a few bike rides, yoga class and a class at Body of Santa Fe (  In addition to a gym and yoga studio they have a spa, restaurant and store which had some adorable work out and everyday clothes.  The class was called Body Fit 360 and had quite a bit of kettlebell work.   Since I work out with a trainer I really didn’t think this would be too challenging, but it was hard…really hard…I was sore for 3 days afterwards.   I will attend this class the next time we are in Santa Fe.     Next up…how to relax in Santa Fe.


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