It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Training Schedule

by Sue

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Long run day on the trail with Ryan….a beautiful, chilly, early October morning, perfect for a high mileage run. If I’m being honest, I will tell you I’d been dreading this one, but….it was well, unexpectedly, not bad. In fact, it could even be called good. After this run I think we both had renewed faith that a sub-4:00 could be possible. 22 miles in 3:22 (this did include two stops to refuel and toss back a handful of ibuprofen).

Why is this girl so happy? 22 miles DONE and HELLO, TAPER!

I really do love running, I do. But this has been a challenging week, as have the last several. I don’t think I’ve ever run this many miles within a period of 6 days. There has certainly been some unpleasantness. That being said, I’m really trying to put that all in the back of my mind and embrace the t-shirt quote which Kelly texted to me prior to Saturday’s 22-miler:

“Running Is A Privilege”

Because, yes, it really is.

Sunday: Rest day.

So the rest of the weekend was spent getting everything done that didn’t get done during the week when I was doing all that running. Plus I was extra hungry and craving some fall food.

But first I had to weed through this:

Seriously, I do consider myself an organized individual, but I suffer from the chronic condition known as ripping out every food magazine recipe that looks even remotely good in the hopes that one day I will have the time and/or skill to make them. And most of which my kids would never eat. Remember the Friends episode where Monica’s closet gets discovered? Well, this would be my equivalent. I need a system!

Cincinnati-style chili.

And borrowed from my friend Kathy, of course, zucchini bread with chocolate chips. Genius.

Back at it tomorrow.

51 total miles for the week.


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