Two Weeks to Go

by Sue

While Kelly is in Madrid (yes, as in Spain–there is no Madrid, Ohio), I will do my very best to not bore you.

This week’s runs:

Monday: 9 treadmill miles in 79:24. Funny how quickly those 9 went by after last weekend.

Tuesday: 5 treadmill miles in 42:55.

Wednesday: 9 treadmill miles in 78:55.

Thursday: 4 treadmill miles in 34:02.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Last long run! Crazy how in my mind a half marathon next weekend doesn’t fall into the category of “long run” for me right now. Again it had to be done on the treadmill. But hey, if I did 15 on it a couple weeks ago, what’s one more mile, right? 16 in 2:20. I’m hoping Ryan (and hopefully Kelly) had a good long run as well. Although I did get to stare at this for 16 miles,


somehow I’m thinking they still had the more scenic view.

So here we are, down to the wire with two weeks to go. My goal for now (besides keeping myself from freaking out) is to make a conscious effort at clean/nutritious eating. Which translates to more of this


And less of this



Sunday: Rest day and a pumpkin patch road trip.

They just love it when I make them pose for 100 photos staring straight into the sun.

43 total miles for the week.


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