Columbus Half Marathon Review

by Sue

I debated whether it was a wise idea to run a half the weekend before the full, although my training plan had me doing a 12 mile run. But knowing my time-obsessed self, I needed a definite game plan going in so I a) didn’t do anything stupid like get caught up in the moment and try to PR, or b) get injured and ruin things for next weekend. So I knew I had no choice but to run an Intentional Personal Slowest. I was shooting for a time goal somewhere in the 1:50s since my normal training run pace would be 8:30-9:00 anyway.

We got downtown and parked pretty easily. Kelly and her SIL Susie (running her first half) set off together, and I met up with Wendy in E corral even though I was supposed to be in B. It was dark and freezing cold at the start. They handed out gloves which was nice.

The weather was perfect once I got started. I didn’t even need to stop for water or fuel. I have never felt better running a half. Ever. Since I had kept it in check, I wanted to see if I could bring it at the end. I ran the last 2-3 in the low 8:00s and the last half mile or so like this:

Check that ending pace!

13.1 in 1:53.

I LOVED this race. Scenic, a lot of old residential neighborhoods with beautiful homes mixed in with nice downtown areas. Great crowd support. Almost all flat except for a hill toward the end followed by a nice little downhill at the finish. It was crowded, for sure, probably because I started farther back. Tons of food at the finish including Dairy Queen, but I was just too cold to eat it. Bummer.

I had my results emailed to me before I even got home. The most detailed results I’ve ever gotten.

Only 10 people passed me? What? I know I was far back, but really? Surprised they didn’t show the stat for how many times I picked my underwear.

I would definitely run this race again. It is a half AND a full, by the way. Hmmm….

Kelly and I agree this is our favorite race shirt we’ve gotten so far.

One thing I need to remember for next weekend–wear a throw-away sweatshirt. I was wearing a tank and even though I had arm warmer sleeves I froze my a$$ off waiting.

Congrats to Wendy and Susie on their finishes! You guys rocked it!

33.1 total miles for the week.


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