Marine Corps Marathon, Part 1

by Sue

Since this race was what inspired Kelly and I to start our blog in the first place, I figured it was deserving of a two-part post.

I read this quote many times before this race.

And this one, my personal favorite.

We left for DC very worried about the weather. Hurricane Sandy heading toward the east coast, and a snowstorm coming from the opposite direction. First stop was the expo. Well organized, super crowded. A couple of my fave vendors were there: RunningSkirts and Nuun.


The race mock turtleneck. Front and back.

Saturday morning breakfast ala Ryan Hall style.

Kids’ Race

They both powered through one mile! And they got their medals from a Marine too.

Next up was Georgetown Cupcake. Anna is obsessed with the show DC Cupcakes, so I promised. Let the carb-loading continue….

They chose the chocolate, I opted for the red velvet and salted caramel. Yes, both. And it really was all that and more.

Happy Birthday to my husband, who drove 7-plus hours on his bday to take his crazy a$$ wife the love of his life to run a marathon in a hurricane.

To be continued….


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