Racing with one Goal…Have Fun…

By Kelly

After deferring MCM, I still had one race on the radar; the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Half Marathon.    This was my sister-in-law’s first half marathon and we thought it would be fun to run it together.   At the time we signed up my thought was this would be my training run the week before the MCM, but with an injury and since I had been doing very little running I have to admit I was a bit worried about running 13.1, but I was really excited about running with her.

My SIL trains and runs all her long runs based on heart rate.   She read Rich Roll’s book this year and started implementing the heart rate technique into her long runs and found she enjoys running without worrying about her speed, but instead making sure her heart rate is within her target zone.    If your heart rate gets too high you slow down, too low you speed up….Seems like common sense doesn’t it?

Rich Roll describes his training method in Finding Ultra. A very motivating read!

Race Day was perfect weather, cool and overcast.   We started in the last corral so it took some time to get to the start line and as we got close AC/DC’s Highway to Hell was blaring over the speakers.   Not sure that was the most motivating song to start to, but off we went.    My SIL had created a playlist and synced it on my Ipod, so we were listening to the same songs at the same time.   The great thing was that I never knew what my next song was going to be and a lot of them were songs that I would probably have never thought of adding to my playlist, but I loved them all!

Although I had my GPS watch on, I don’t remember looking at it once.   At some point during the race a race supporter on the sidelines asked us how much further we had to go and I had no idea.   I can’t remember any race when I wasn’t sure within a quarter of a mile of how far I had to go.    Except for an occasional twinge in my knee, I felt great the whole time and  I was able to run the whole thing.   The crowd support, not worrying about my finish time, the weather made it a perfect race…and the best thing was crossing the finish line with my SIL.  She had a goal to finish in 2:45 and we finished in 2:40.  If you have never done it before, run a race with someone who has never raced that distance before.  I felt the same sense of accomplishment that I did when I ran my first 13.1.   I have a feeling there will be many more races in her future.

Two Happy Finishers!!

What is next?   Getting an Appointment with a Sports Medicine Doctor to get my knee 100%….then running a PR at the Cap City Half Marathon in May 2013!!


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