I Have Become….Comfortably Run

by Sue

Last week’s treadmill miles:

Monday: 6 miles in 50:59
Wednesday: 6 miles in 50:57
Saturday: 6 miles in 51:09
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:00

Since the MCM, I have definitely kept the weekly miles up, but what has happened to the long run?? I’m kind of in a running rut, I guess you could say, but I have a lot going on right now. Not that I’m making excuses; it is just that there’s something comforting in the routine. And there’s something to be said for that.


I need some motivation.

I need a race on the calendar.

So Kelly and I have been researching training plans for the Cap City Half in early May.

The top contender thus far:

The only running book I own not currently lost in my Mt. Everest of boxes.

Going for the “Own It” plan….13 tough weeks.

But then this item on my Christmas list mistakenly got opened (well not really mistakenly, it just got thrown by my husband into the pile of presents to be wrapped):

How am I supposed to not peek?

24 total miles for the week.


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