January Calorie Burn

By Kelly

Monday-5 mile Treadmill Run-Intervals

Tuesday-46 minutes on the Elliptical Sports Training Program

Wednesday-5 mile Treadmill Run-Intervals

Thursday-3 mile Treadmill Run and 30 minute barre3 on-line workout


Saturday-4 mile interval walk/running hills outside

Sunday – 3 mile treadmill run and Jillian Michaels get ripped in 30 dvd

January has been an uneventful month so far (hence the lack of posts).     I have consistently been working out and I feel pretty good running.  I am much more cautious in increasing my mileage or speed too much because of the injuries that plagued me last year.    I have used the elliptical for cardio cross training, but also feel that I need to add in some strength workouts to help prevent injuries.  

Tara introduced me to Barre3. 


I have only been able to attend one class because it is over an hour away, but I loved the class and I have started doing their on line workouts.    Barre3 classes are designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility.    The workouts include barre + pilates + yoga.   All three things I love.  

Another new addition to my workouts have been Jillian Michaels-Ripped in 30.


 The whole workout is less than 30 minutes and the soreness after doing it is unbelievable.    Jillian never fails at delivering a good workout even through a DVD. 

Even with these new workouts, I missed training for a race, so I signed up for these three:

scioto miles

Scioto Mile(s) includes 2 races, one on March 17 and the other of April 7.  You get a free pair of Brooks running shoes and t-shirts for the entry price.   I will be running the 10k on March 17 and the 15k on April 7. 

These two will hopefully prepare me well to PR this race…

cap city 2013



My Garmin-less Week

by Sue

Nope. Still broken. But I’m just going with it.

So that was Tuesday; Wednesday I ran another 8-ish miles (74 min.) on a different, less alligator-populated route. The scariest thing I saw this time was the lady walking one lap dog while pushing the second one in a baby stroller. Really.

We totally lucked out on the weather, since it’s always hit or miss this time of year.

When you live in Ohio, you can’t beat this on January 2nd. And I have the non-local sunburn to prove it.

Thursday I had planned on running 6. But due to time constraints and the fact that these two wanted to run the last mile with me, I changed my plans.


4-plus miles in 36-plus min. with a little extra run thrown in there. Mileage goals or not, how could I say no to this?

So with that, we said goodbye to my wonderful in-laws and the Florida sun. Always a good time!

Back in Ohio on the treadmill:
Saturday: 6 in 50:58
Sunday: 6 in 51:25

I’m really curious how many miles I ran in 2012. I got a new calendar in August but I did save my old mileage record. It’s just a matter finding it in a few weeks when I’m unpacking.

32 total miles for the week.

A Lesson on Becoming Less Anal….

by Sue

Oh, no….this was NOT something I resolved to do. It was forced upon me.

But first, Happy New Year from sunny Florida! One set of my in-laws “winters” down here, so it’s a nice little annual vaca for us.

Some firsts on the first of the year:

  • first outside run since MCM
  • first longer run since MCM….and long overdue
  • first time I had no choice but to run outside without my Garmin
  • .

    The horror! It wasn’t merely dead, it actually appeared to be broken–frozen/stalled out on the same screen no matter how many times I tried to reset it. Panic ensued. Because I NEED my numbers, and I need them 100% exact and accurate. ALL the time.

    But, I went….on feel alone, although my anal-ness in logging all my runs/times paid off, since I knew my basic pace if I just looked at the clock. I can’t give up everything, you know.

    Part of the beautiful trail I ran. A little sun, a little shade, a little bit of hills,


    a little bit of southwest Florida reptiles. Yes, I also braved this:

    OK….Alligator as in singular? So there’s just one of these little friends lurking around? Doubtful. Last time I checked alligator was NOT the plural form of the word. The bonus: it most definitely made me run faster. Like PR faster.

    8-ish, Garmin-less miles in 74 minutes.

    Maybe it’ll work tomorrow.

    Christmas Wrap-Up

    by Sue

    Lucky for me, I had a bunch of time off over the holidays which resulted in fun family time and a great running week.

    Treadmill miles:

    Monday: 6 in 50:58
    Tuesday: 6 in 51:06
    Wednesday: 6 in 51:00
    Thursday: 6 in 51:14
    Saturday: 6 in 51:14
    Sunday: 6 in 51:04

    We had a wonderful Christmas, the last one to be spent in our current house. Kinda strange to think about.

    Santa was one lucky guy.

    For Christmas I received all things running, so what’s not to love?

    My favorites of course:

    Handmade by Anna (with some sewing machine help from Daddy).

    A close-up of the picture of me running a track (do I do this?) drawn by Livia. It’s not saying “I am a sweetie”….it’s saying “I am sweaty”.

    Ever since my MIL saw a similar one of these scrabble tile photo holders that my sister had found at an art fair last year, she has been on a mission to make them. The girls came up with the “marathon” part. Love it.

    Then we got a little snowed in the day after Christmas.


    Looking forward to a little less of this right now….

    Yes, those are beer cap buttons. It’s called upcycling.

    ….and a lot more of this in a couple days.


    36 total miles for the week.