Christmas Wrap-Up

by Sue

Lucky for me, I had a bunch of time off over the holidays which resulted in fun family time and a great running week.

Treadmill miles:

Monday: 6 in 50:58
Tuesday: 6 in 51:06
Wednesday: 6 in 51:00
Thursday: 6 in 51:14
Saturday: 6 in 51:14
Sunday: 6 in 51:04

We had a wonderful Christmas, the last one to be spent in our current house. Kinda strange to think about.

Santa was one lucky guy.

For Christmas I received all things running, so what’s not to love?

My favorites of course:

Handmade by Anna (with some sewing machine help from Daddy).

A close-up of the picture of me running a track (do I do this?) drawn by Livia. It’s not saying “I am a sweetie”….it’s saying “I am sweaty”.

Ever since my MIL saw a similar one of these scrabble tile photo holders that my sister had found at an art fair last year, she has been on a mission to make them. The girls came up with the “marathon” part. Love it.

Then we got a little snowed in the day after Christmas.


Looking forward to a little less of this right now….

Yes, those are beer cap buttons. It’s called upcycling.

….and a lot more of this in a couple days.


36 total miles for the week.


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