A Lesson on Becoming Less Anal….

by Sue

Oh, no….this was NOT something I resolved to do. It was forced upon me.

But first, Happy New Year from sunny Florida! One set of my in-laws “winters” down here, so it’s a nice little annual vaca for us.

Some firsts on the first of the year:

  • first outside run since MCM
  • first longer run since MCM….and long overdue
  • first time I had no choice but to run outside without my Garmin
  • .

    The horror! It wasn’t merely dead, it actually appeared to be broken–frozen/stalled out on the same screen no matter how many times I tried to reset it. Panic ensued. Because I NEED my numbers, and I need them 100% exact and accurate. ALL the time.

    But, I went….on feel alone, although my anal-ness in logging all my runs/times paid off, since I knew my basic pace if I just looked at the clock. I can’t give up everything, you know.

    Part of the beautiful trail I ran. A little sun, a little shade, a little bit of hills,


    a little bit of southwest Florida reptiles. Yes, I also braved this:

    OK….Alligator as in singular? So there’s just one of these little friends lurking around? Doubtful. Last time I checked alligator was NOT the plural form of the word. The bonus: it most definitely made me run faster. Like PR faster.

    8-ish, Garmin-less miles in 74 minutes.

    Maybe it’ll work tomorrow.


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