My Garmin-less Week

by Sue

Nope. Still broken. But I’m just going with it.

So that was Tuesday; Wednesday I ran another 8-ish miles (74 min.) on a different, less alligator-populated route. The scariest thing I saw this time was the lady walking one lap dog while pushing the second one in a baby stroller. Really.

We totally lucked out on the weather, since it’s always hit or miss this time of year.

When you live in Ohio, you can’t beat this on January 2nd. And I have the non-local sunburn to prove it.

Thursday I had planned on running 6. But due to time constraints and the fact that these two wanted to run the last mile with me, I changed my plans.


4-plus miles in 36-plus min. with a little extra run thrown in there. Mileage goals or not, how could I say no to this?

So with that, we said goodbye to my wonderful in-laws and the Florida sun. Always a good time!

Back in Ohio on the treadmill:
Saturday: 6 in 50:58
Sunday: 6 in 51:25

I’m really curious how many miles I ran in 2012. I got a new calendar in August but I did save my old mileage record. It’s just a matter finding it in a few weeks when I’m unpacking.

32 total miles for the week.


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