January Calorie Burn

By Kelly

Monday-5 mile Treadmill Run-Intervals

Tuesday-46 minutes on the Elliptical Sports Training Program

Wednesday-5 mile Treadmill Run-Intervals

Thursday-3 mile Treadmill Run and 30 minute barre3 on-line workout


Saturday-4 mile interval walk/running hills outside

Sunday – 3 mile treadmill run and Jillian Michaels get ripped in 30 dvd

January has been an uneventful month so far (hence the lack of posts).     I have consistently been working out and I feel pretty good running.  I am much more cautious in increasing my mileage or speed too much because of the injuries that plagued me last year.    I have used the elliptical for cardio cross training, but also feel that I need to add in some strength workouts to help prevent injuries.  

Tara introduced me to Barre3. 


I have only been able to attend one class because it is over an hour away, but I loved the class and I have started doing their on line workouts.    Barre3 classes are designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility.    The workouts include barre + pilates + yoga.   All three things I love.  

Another new addition to my workouts have been Jillian Michaels-Ripped in 30.


 The whole workout is less than 30 minutes and the soreness after doing it is unbelievable.    Jillian never fails at delivering a good workout even through a DVD. 

Even with these new workouts, I missed training for a race, so I signed up for these three:

scioto miles

Scioto Mile(s) includes 2 races, one on March 17 and the other of April 7.  You get a free pair of Brooks running shoes and t-shirts for the entry price.   I will be running the 10k on March 17 and the 15k on April 7. 

These two will hopefully prepare me well to PR this race…

cap city 2013



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