Great Eats and Great Shoes

by Kelly


Wednesday – 3 mile treadmill run/22 minutes life cycle
Thursday – 3 mile treadmill run/20 minutes life cycle
Friday – 45 minutes elliptical sports training program
Saturday – 60 minute Barre3 studio class
Sunday – 5 mile treadmill run
Monday – 25 minutes elliptical /20 minutes life cycle
Tuesday – 3 mile treadmill run/ 40 minute barre3 on line class

Last weekend we met Tara and Justin in Columbus to go to an Ethnic food tour.


We sampled food from five different ethnic food restaurants including Somalian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Nigerian and Southern Indian. The food was delicious and we ate at places we would never find on our own. I would highly recommend taking the tour if you are in Columbus. Check it out at

We ended our evening at Barley’s Brewing Company.


On Saturday I got up early and spent an hour at a Barre3 class in Upper Arlington. I can’t get enough of their classes. Most times I have to do their on line workouts, there is nothing better then being in the studio!

My next stop was Fleet Feet to pick up my Free Scioto Miles shoes. They are so cute and comfortable. Brooks Pure Candence.

They are so light also, but I was warned only to wear for short distances.

I also picked up a new pair of running shoes to be used for my upcoming half marathon training. These super cute Asics GT-2000.

I have only ran in them a few times, but so far I love them !!


Tell Us What You Don’t Like About Yourself

by Sue

No, of course I’m not serious. Any Nip/Tuck fans out there?

Someone please tell me that I’m not alone here.

My Nip/Tuck treadmill-running diversion marathon is over.


I love this series. Like I really love it. So much so that I’ve watched it in its entirety not once but twice. There are sooo many things wrong with these characters, but at the same time everything right. Does that make any sense? You just have to watch it to understand.

But, my attachment runs deeper than that. It got me through 16 hard weeks of marathon training, the bulk of which occurred on the treadmill. It made 16 mile treadmill runs pleasant a little more bearable. I pretty much owe my MCM medal to Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon.

Since it’s been a while, here are my treadmill runs from a couple weeks ago:

Wednesday: 6 miles in 50:53
Thursday: 10 miles in 85:37
Saturday: 10 miles in 85:34
Sunday: 4 miles in 34:01

Back in the land of double-digit runs! It was long overdue and felt great….well maybe more so psychologically than physically.

30 total miles for the week.

Tuesday: 8 miles in 68:43
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:01
Friday: 6 miles in 51:02
Sunday: 4 miles in 33:38

Decided I’m going to do at least one 8-plus mile run per week.

24 total miles for the week.

Next treadmill distracting series:


What happened to January??

With two trips and getting caught up after Christmas, January was a blur.

Ryan and I took a cruise with friends to Key West and Nassau. We did a little drinking..

I love Fat Tuesdays but would hate to know the calorie count in one of those drinks.

We relaxed a lot…


It was a great ship and great trip. That will be my last bit of sunshine for the next three months.

Five days later we were off again. This time skiing in Alaska.


Alyeska is the most beautiful ski resort. It is never very crowded and if you stay at their hotel it is ski in ski out.

Obviously this is a summer picture, but honestly as beautiful in the winter as in the summer.

It was cold there this year. Two of the days were below zero so I took a day off skiing and enjoyed the Spa at Alyeska. Thank you Denise for the best facial I have ever had! I has a chance to wear a new lululemon purchase and take a 75 minute Vinyasa Yoga class.

I have never taken that type of yoga class before and it was a good challenging class.

Now back in Ohio until April 15.