Tell Us What You Don’t Like About Yourself

by Sue

No, of course I’m not serious. Any Nip/Tuck fans out there?

Someone please tell me that I’m not alone here.

My Nip/Tuck treadmill-running diversion marathon is over.


I love this series. Like I really love it. So much so that I’ve watched it in its entirety not once but twice. There are sooo many things wrong with these characters, but at the same time everything right. Does that make any sense? You just have to watch it to understand.

But, my attachment runs deeper than that. It got me through 16 hard weeks of marathon training, the bulk of which occurred on the treadmill. It made 16 mile treadmill runs pleasant a little more bearable. I pretty much owe my MCM medal to Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon.

Since it’s been a while, here are my treadmill runs from a couple weeks ago:

Wednesday: 6 miles in 50:53
Thursday: 10 miles in 85:37
Saturday: 10 miles in 85:34
Sunday: 4 miles in 34:01

Back in the land of double-digit runs! It was long overdue and felt great….well maybe more so psychologically than physically.

30 total miles for the week.

Tuesday: 8 miles in 68:43
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:01
Friday: 6 miles in 51:02
Sunday: 4 miles in 33:38

Decided I’m going to do at least one 8-plus mile run per week.

24 total miles for the week.

Next treadmill distracting series:



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