Easter Weekend

by Sue

I just blew through eight seasons of Weeds in a two-month time period while running. That’s either a lot of TV or a lot of treadmill running. Probably both. AWESOME series, by the way, although it may not be for everyone. Next series: The Tudors.

This week’s runs. They were all on the treadmill. Surprise!

Tuesday: 6 miles in 51:02
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:09
Thursday: 8 miles in 68:50
Friday: 6 miles in 51:05
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:19

Confusing, no?

Anyway….this was a shorter mileage week according to my half training plan. The long run was only 6 so I made it 8. What an overachiever.

Next week is another story….

Therefore I have carb-loaded with this….
My SIL brought these from a cupcake place called Gigi’s in Winston-Salem.

….and this

These are the Barefoot Contessa’s Salted Caramel Brownies.

Random (yet interesting) -ness of the day….the speaker at my nephew’s girlfriend’s high school graduation (small-town North Carolina) was Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run. I really do need to read that.

Had a great long weekend spent with family.

Won’t be a protein under-eater this week.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

32 miles total for the week.


Oorah! (Again)….MCM 2013

by Sue

So this happened this week:

Wasn’t really planning on this. In fact it wasn’t even remotely on my radar. Especially after last weekend’s race, I was thinking more along the lines of shorter distances in the near future.

Ultimately (and perhaps a bit impulsively), I decided it was for me….and don’t I know how lucky I am. Anyone who tried (and tried again) to register for the MCM on Wednesday knows the issues that befell thousands of very frustrated runners. My heart goes out to them after reading many of their stories. Our sign-up attempts were not without the same problems….frozen screens; thought we were in, kicked back out; is it sold out, is it not? Etc., etc. After a very nerve-wracking hour, Kelly managed to somehow get me in. Thank you Kelly:)….I think. Truly though, I’m really excited. So now there are five: Kelly, me, Kelly’s SIL Susie (1st full!), Cousin Bud, and Robyn. Ryan will just be kicking our a$$es during the training runs. Crap. Forgot about that.

After all, must hold up my end of the blog name. 1chickruns26andtheotherruns10Ks doesn’t sound that cool.

Have yet to break this news to the husband….

Scioto Miles Training Series Part 1 Recap: I Lost the Bet

by Sue

This week’s treadmill runs:
Monday: 9 miles in 77:07
Tuesday: 7 miles in 61:07
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:02
Thursday: 6 miles in 51:13

So, Sunday morning’s race….

Just another balmy 32-ish degree Ohio day….

Hey, who’s the dumba$$ wearing shorts? Oh wait, that’s me. Seriously though, I cannot stand to be hot running. Cause there was such a huge chance of it being 80 degrees here in March.

So, this was the first of a two-part training series. You had the option of a 5, 10, or 15K. 15 it was for me. One loop around was 5K, twice was 10, etc. Which truly didn’t bother me at all.

I hadn’t really thought too much about a time goal. Once I got going and did the math I figured if I could squeak by under 1:15 I’d be more than happy. What I did want to practice was running the tangents, since every single race I am (way) over mileage. Which worked out well since it was not at all crowded.

I felt really, really good during this race. Maybe it was because I knew it was only 9 and some change miles? (Other than the hills on that 3rd loop–didn’t notice them as much the first two times around). Gave it my all for the finish. Progression runs paying off.

Official time 1:13:50
Average pace 7:57
14th female overall
1st female in age group

Kelly bet me that I’d be in the top five in my age group. She won.
Who knew?
Obviously all the fast girls stayed home that day.

Honestly though, I am so excited. This is huge for me.

Post-race breakfast at Explorers Club. Cuban French Toast with Fruit. With a side of lots of coffee. Tara chooses the best restaurants. Can’t wait to go back. Great food and great company.

Awesome runs for Kelly, Susie, Pam, Tara, and Robyn!

And wow, am I hurting after that effort.

37.22 miles total for the week. Obviously running the tangents paid off as I was .08 short.

Snowy Days and Sundays..

By Kelly


Tuesday: Ran 3.1 – Treadmill

Wednesday – Ran 4 – Treadmill

Thursday – Elliptical-40 minutes/Treadmill Walking 15% incline

We have a race on Sunday. For some reason this 10k has me nervous, maybe it because of the time I have had to take off running because of my runner’s knee, maybe it is the lack of running I have done outside, or maybe it is just because races make me nervous. I love the feeling I get when I sign up for a race…thoughts of PRing, thoughts that training will be perfect and each training run will feel great. I think I feel these things because usually a signficant amount of time exists between the period of time you sign up and the actual race. So the goal of this race is to go out and have fun. My one wish for Sunday morning is that the weather forcast changes for the better. Right now it they are predicting the following:




Now the big question..what to wear to brave the elements.

Strides, Anyone?

by Sue

Last week’s treadmill runs:

Monday: 11 miles in 97:56
Tuesday: 6 miles in 51:06
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:11
Thursday: 6 miles in 50:33
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:00

Last weekend’s gymnastic-ing:



So this is what’s coming up next Sunday….

There’s a 5, 10, and 15K to choose from. I’m doing the 15K, which oddly enough, I’ve never run a 15K race before.

The free shoes I was fitted for for signing up for this race series:

The Brooks PureFlow 2. These are different from Kelly’s; apparently I need a more “neutral” shoe. These are also more of a minimalist shoe, so the very knowledgeable sales associate (all of whom I’m pretty sure are serious runners) at Fleet Feet in Columbus told me these are probably not the shoe I want to run long distances in. He suggested wearing them for shorter runs. For example, and I quote: “You know on those days after you’ve finished your long run, and then later in the day you feel like getting another run in, maybe some speed work or strides?”

Ummm….what are you, nuts?! yes, I totally know what you mean. Cause I always feel like doing strides after my long runs. Who doesn’t? And I know exactly what strides are….I’m not just nodding my head and pretending to.

“Also called striders or ‘pickups’, these are typically 60- to 100-meter surges that are incorporated into a warmup or a regular workout. Strides increase heart rate and leg turnover; they get your legs ready to run hard. Strides are run near 90% of maximum effort for 20 seconds at a time with easy jogging in between.” From The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training.

Yeah, I’ll be all over that craziness.


35 total miles for the week.

My Latest Obsessions

by Kelly


Last Week
4 days of running – long run 6 miles. No rest days. The other days were spent on the elliptical, bike, yoga class and with trainer Josh

Sunday-Barre3 class

I have some new obsessions…

Salad in a Jar


I have been making five of these salads on Sunday and they have been my go to lunch during the week. Dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top and a combination of vegetables and protein in between. It is delicious.

Quest Bars

I have never been a big fan of protein bars but I love having a food that has good nutritional stats that I can just grab and go. When I saw these bars on runemz’s Instagram and read more about them on the Hungry Girl’s website, I knew I had to try them. I split a variety pack with a friend and liked each one I tried. These are two of the flavors I didn’t try and they arrived in the mail today.


And my last and most important current obsession is getting my knee feeling better for this…


I started out using a combination of Fitness Magazine’s half marathon training and Frontrunner’s schedule. After a long 6 mile run my knee hurt. So off to Dr. G. I went for a cortisone injection. I had heard horror stories that cortisone injections were so painful and I had myself so worked up that my blood pressure was 168/78 in the doctors office that day. I was pleasantly surprised that it was no more painful then any other shot I have had. So after 3 days of doctor ordered rest, I am allowed to try a short run tomorrow. I am excited and nervous to run and see how much improvement the injection made.

….and Where I’m Going

by Sue

So two weeks ago was the official start of my Cap City Half Marathon training. This time I’ve chosen to follow the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training‘s Advanced Half- Marathon Plan. Not because I particularly believe I’m “advanced” in any way; it is just much closer to my current weekly mileage, while at the same time providing a little challenge.


Double-digit long runs right out of the shoot. In fact all the long runs with the exception of one are double-digits.

Week One:
Monday: 6 miles in 50:07
Tuesday: 10 miles in 87:00
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:08
Friday: 6 miles in 51:17
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:09

34 miles total for the week.

Week Two:
Monday: 10 miles in 86:52
Tuesday: 7 miles in 59:04
Wednesday: 6 miles in 52:11
Thursday: 6 miles in 50:55
Friday: 6 miles in 51:23
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:25

41 miles total for week. This week felt more like a marathon-training week.

All progression, all treadmill. My long runs have been all over the place–not necessarily on the weekends. All day long gymnastics and dance competitions are not especially conducive to long weekend runs. Therefore….gotta do it when I can do it.

That second week was tough as I gutted it out with a stellar head cold, but….no regrets.


We are on Instagram now! 2chixrun26

Where I’ve Been….

by Sue

Where have I been these last few weeks? I thought about giving you the play-by-play, but you totally lucked out and get the Cliff notes instead.

We moved. Yes, it may have only been two miles away, but it’s been a task no less daunting. And I will leave it at that. After all, who really wants to hear about my stressed-out, freaked-out last month? Nor do I particularly care to relive it in words.

Despite the crazy, I’ve managed to keep the mileage up. Something had to keep me sane, after all.

The last 5 week’s runs….same basic pace for me, all progression as per my usual treadmill runs:

8+6+4+6+6=30 total
6+8+6+6=26 total
8+6+8+6=28 total
8+6+6+6=26 total
8+6+6+6+6=32 total

Some random thoughts about myself and otherwise, concerning said move:

  • It is so strange to stand inside the empty house where you’ve spent the last 15 years, where most everything of any major significance in your life has occurred.
  • It is even stranger to be sleeping somewhere else now.
  • I don’t like disorder. Not one bit.
  • Does moving boxes count as cardio?
  • Man, do we have a lot of stuff.
  • How is it that I am able to make split-second, life/death decisions at work, yet lose sleep over whether Revere Pewter or Coventry Grey would be a better paint color choice?
  • 20130312-180002.jpg
    I went with both.

  • I really am so blessed with a beautiful new home and everything else that is wonderful in my life. Looking forward to years of continuing the good memories here.
  • .

    Our welcome from the previous owners.

    And a bit of good karma:

    Belonging to the runner of the house, found when I was cleaning out a cabinet. Passing things on from one runner to the next:)

    Here’s to new beginnings….