Where I’ve Been….

by Sue

Where have I been these last few weeks? I thought about giving you the play-by-play, but you totally lucked out and get the Cliff notes instead.

We moved. Yes, it may have only been two miles away, but it’s been a task no less daunting. And I will leave it at that. After all, who really wants to hear about my stressed-out, freaked-out last month? Nor do I particularly care to relive it in words.

Despite the crazy, I’ve managed to keep the mileage up. Something had to keep me sane, after all.

The last 5 week’s runs….same basic pace for me, all progression as per my usual treadmill runs:

8+6+4+6+6=30 total
6+8+6+6=26 total
8+6+8+6=28 total
8+6+6+6=26 total
8+6+6+6+6=32 total

Some random thoughts about myself and otherwise, concerning said move:

  • It is so strange to stand inside the empty house where you’ve spent the last 15 years, where most everything of any major significance in your life has occurred.
  • It is even stranger to be sleeping somewhere else now.
  • I don’t like disorder. Not one bit.
  • Does moving boxes count as cardio?
  • Man, do we have a lot of stuff.
  • How is it that I am able to make split-second, life/death decisions at work, yet lose sleep over whether Revere Pewter or Coventry Grey would be a better paint color choice?
  • 20130312-180002.jpg
    I went with both.

  • I really am so blessed with a beautiful new home and everything else that is wonderful in my life. Looking forward to years of continuing the good memories here.
  • .

    Our welcome from the previous owners.

    And a bit of good karma:

    Belonging to the runner of the house, found when I was cleaning out a cabinet. Passing things on from one runner to the next:)

    Here’s to new beginnings….


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