My Latest Obsessions

by Kelly


Last Week
4 days of running – long run 6 miles. No rest days. The other days were spent on the elliptical, bike, yoga class and with trainer Josh

Sunday-Barre3 class

I have some new obsessions…

Salad in a Jar


I have been making five of these salads on Sunday and they have been my go to lunch during the week. Dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top and a combination of vegetables and protein in between. It is delicious.

Quest Bars

I have never been a big fan of protein bars but I love having a food that has good nutritional stats that I can just grab and go. When I saw these bars on runemz’s Instagram and read more about them on the Hungry Girl’s website, I knew I had to try them. I split a variety pack with a friend and liked each one I tried. These are two of the flavors I didn’t try and they arrived in the mail today.


And my last and most important current obsession is getting my knee feeling better for this…


I started out using a combination of Fitness Magazine’s half marathon training and Frontrunner’s schedule. After a long 6 mile run my knee hurt. So off to Dr. G. I went for a cortisone injection. I had heard horror stories that cortisone injections were so painful and I had myself so worked up that my blood pressure was 168/78 in the doctors office that day. I was pleasantly surprised that it was no more painful then any other shot I have had. So after 3 days of doctor ordered rest, I am allowed to try a short run tomorrow. I am excited and nervous to run and see how much improvement the injection made.


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