Strides, Anyone?

by Sue

Last week’s treadmill runs:

Monday: 11 miles in 97:56
Tuesday: 6 miles in 51:06
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:11
Thursday: 6 miles in 50:33
Sunday: 6 miles in 51:00

Last weekend’s gymnastic-ing:



So this is what’s coming up next Sunday….

There’s a 5, 10, and 15K to choose from. I’m doing the 15K, which oddly enough, I’ve never run a 15K race before.

The free shoes I was fitted for for signing up for this race series:

The Brooks PureFlow 2. These are different from Kelly’s; apparently I need a more “neutral” shoe. These are also more of a minimalist shoe, so the very knowledgeable sales associate (all of whom I’m pretty sure are serious runners) at Fleet Feet in Columbus told me these are probably not the shoe I want to run long distances in. He suggested wearing them for shorter runs. For example, and I quote: “You know on those days after you’ve finished your long run, and then later in the day you feel like getting another run in, maybe some speed work or strides?”

Ummm….what are you, nuts?! yes, I totally know what you mean. Cause I always feel like doing strides after my long runs. Who doesn’t? And I know exactly what strides are….I’m not just nodding my head and pretending to.

“Also called striders or ‘pickups’, these are typically 60- to 100-meter surges that are incorporated into a warmup or a regular workout. Strides increase heart rate and leg turnover; they get your legs ready to run hard. Strides are run near 90% of maximum effort for 20 seconds at a time with easy jogging in between.” From The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training.

Yeah, I’ll be all over that craziness.


35 total miles for the week.


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