Snowy Days and Sundays..

By Kelly


Tuesday: Ran 3.1 – Treadmill

Wednesday – Ran 4 – Treadmill

Thursday – Elliptical-40 minutes/Treadmill Walking 15% incline

We have a race on Sunday. For some reason this 10k has me nervous, maybe it because of the time I have had to take off running because of my runner’s knee, maybe it is the lack of running I have done outside, or maybe it is just because races make me nervous. I love the feeling I get when I sign up for a race…thoughts of PRing, thoughts that training will be perfect and each training run will feel great. I think I feel these things because usually a signficant amount of time exists between the period of time you sign up and the actual race. So the goal of this race is to go out and have fun. My one wish for Sunday morning is that the weather forcast changes for the better. Right now it they are predicting the following:




Now the big question..what to wear to brave the elements.


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