Scioto Miles Training Series Part 1 Recap: I Lost the Bet

by Sue

This week’s treadmill runs:
Monday: 9 miles in 77:07
Tuesday: 7 miles in 61:07
Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:02
Thursday: 6 miles in 51:13

So, Sunday morning’s race….

Just another balmy 32-ish degree Ohio day….

Hey, who’s the dumba$$ wearing shorts? Oh wait, that’s me. Seriously though, I cannot stand to be hot running. Cause there was such a huge chance of it being 80 degrees here in March.

So, this was the first of a two-part training series. You had the option of a 5, 10, or 15K. 15 it was for me. One loop around was 5K, twice was 10, etc. Which truly didn’t bother me at all.

I hadn’t really thought too much about a time goal. Once I got going and did the math I figured if I could squeak by under 1:15 I’d be more than happy. What I did want to practice was running the tangents, since every single race I am (way) over mileage. Which worked out well since it was not at all crowded.

I felt really, really good during this race. Maybe it was because I knew it was only 9 and some change miles? (Other than the hills on that 3rd loop–didn’t notice them as much the first two times around). Gave it my all for the finish. Progression runs paying off.

Official time 1:13:50
Average pace 7:57
14th female overall
1st female in age group

Kelly bet me that I’d be in the top five in my age group. She won.
Who knew?
Obviously all the fast girls stayed home that day.

Honestly though, I am so excited. This is huge for me.

Post-race breakfast at Explorers Club. Cuban French Toast with Fruit. With a side of lots of coffee. Tara chooses the best restaurants. Can’t wait to go back. Great food and great company.

Awesome runs for Kelly, Susie, Pam, Tara, and Robyn!

And wow, am I hurting after that effort.

37.22 miles total for the week. Obviously running the tangents paid off as I was .08 short.


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