Oorah! (Again)….MCM 2013

by Sue

So this happened this week:

Wasn’t really planning on this. In fact it wasn’t even remotely on my radar. Especially after last weekend’s race, I was thinking more along the lines of shorter distances in the near future.

Ultimately (and perhaps a bit impulsively), I decided it was for me….and don’t I know how lucky I am. Anyone who tried (and tried again) to register for the MCM on Wednesday knows the issues that befell thousands of very frustrated runners. My heart goes out to them after reading many of their stories. Our sign-up attempts were not without the same problems….frozen screens; thought we were in, kicked back out; is it sold out, is it not? Etc., etc. After a very nerve-wracking hour, Kelly managed to somehow get me in. Thank you Kelly:)….I think. Truly though, I’m really excited. So now there are five: Kelly, me, Kelly’s SIL Susie (1st full!), Cousin Bud, and Robyn. Ryan will just be kicking our a$$es during the training runs. Crap. Forgot about that.

After all, must hold up my end of the blog name. 1chickruns26andtheotherruns10Ks doesn’t sound that cool.

Have yet to break this news to the husband….


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