Mother-Daughter PRs

by Sue

Who knew it would be a weekend of mother-daughter PRs?

Mine did not occur on the balance beam or uneven bars.

Saturday morning Kelly and I met on the trail for our weekend long run. She had 11 on the schedule and I had 12. We took off at our own paces. It was perfect running weather–cool and crisp. I wanted to do this run a little faster than normal, and somewhere in the second mile I decided to really push this one for time and go for the whole 13.1. I just had a feeling I could do it today. The last two miles were pretty hard. No water, no fuel. Yet somehow all the stars aligned.

Exactly 13.1 miles in 1:44:08 with an average pace of 7:56.

What was supposed to be long slow distance turned into killing it.

Does it count as a PR if it occurs on a training run and not an official race?

Whatever, I’m claiming it.

The other PR girl. Way to go, Anna….you really deserved it!

42.1 miles total for the week.


Scioto Miles Training Series Part 2 Recap: One More Time Around

Last week-Total Miles-32!
This week:
Tuesday: 4 miles treadmill/Trainer Josh core and legs
Wednesday: 6 miles treadmill

I woke up for Scioto Miles race number 2 and checked the weather. 50 degrees at 6am = perfect race weather. Because of the nice weather there were a lot more people who showed up for this weeks race, but it never felt too crowded. I ran the 10k two weeks ago and the 15k in this race. I decreased my pace per mile by 8 seconds; running an average pace of 10:36 in the first race and a 10:28 in the second and that was with running 3.1 more miles. Yes, I am happy about that but my goal is to be able to stay under a 10 minute mile when starting to train for Marine Corp Marathon, so I have some serious training to do before July.

The race was the same course as the first race which is 1, 2 or 3; 3.1 mile loop depending on which race you are running. Boring for some, but for someone who does most of her long runs on the same 6 mile trail no matter what the distance, I actually enjoyed the 3.1 mile loop. The hills were a surprise but a good reminder that I have to do more hill training. Fleet Feet did a great job of keeping things organized and making it a fun race to run. I will be back next year!

Congrats Susie, Pam and Robyn!
We missed having Sue and Tara with us!

We had a post race breakfast at North Star Cafe. Delicious as always.

Thanks Fleet Feet for the great race series!

The Unimaginable

by Sue

So I had a fun, happy post all prepared for the beginning of this week.

It doesn’t feel right now, as it all seems so trivial.

Our prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Boston. It is unimaginable.

My heart is heavy….first and foremost, because I am a mother, and secondly, because I am a runner.

This was one of those things floating around online this week that stuck with me.

People are amazing. Even in the face of danger.

So, this week I will be running for those who cannot, and holding my kids a little tighter.

One of our favorite blogs, has shared 10 Ways to Support Boston. Check it out.


by Sue

Dancing trumped racing this past weekend.

She did a beautiful job.

So I missed the second of the Scioto Miles Series….but Kelly will have her recap soon. As soon as she doesn’t have to spend her every waking moment buried in other people’s tax returns.

So what are an 8 year old, baby chicks, and nail polish doing together at Grandma’s house?

That’s right….painting their toenails (yes, they actually have them….did anyone know this?) in order to correctly identify each of them by name. This is Sarah, looking ravishing in OPI Red. Cause they don’t make ID collars for chickens.

Actually Sarah’s feet look way better than mine.

We had a little taste of spring this week in Ohio. Finally. Not really sure what I was thinking with all these runs on the treadmill. Other than avoiding all the hills surrounding our new house.

Treadmill + progression runs + last mile at 7:30 pace:

Monday: 8 miles in 66:34
Tuesday: 6 miles in 49:45
Wednesday: 9 miles in 75:13
Thursday: 6 miles in 49:44

These were hard runs but I’m feeling good about them.


Picking up Speed

by Sue

This week I had to cram all my runs into five consecutive days because I wasn’t going to be home this weekend.

Treadmill + progression runs:

Monday: 12 miles in 1:44:08. This would be pretty close to my half time goal next month.
Tuesday: 8 miles in 67:30
Wednesday: 7 miles in 58:34
Thursday: 6 miles in 50:12
Friday: 6 miles in 50:05

I have been forcing myself to run the last mile in the 7:30 pace range. It has been hard but I feel like it’s making me stronger.

Basically my runs have been the reverse of the schedule. My weekends have been full of the girls’ activities, which has necessitated the long runs being completed at the beginning of the week. Hopefully that doesn’t throw things off too much. I gotta say, it’s really nice having that long run checked off the list early in the week.

My new favorite healthy treat:

I found this recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Bites from Women’s Running on Pinterest. They are made with rolled oats, peanut butter, light agave syrup, chopped dates, unsweetened shredded coconut, chia seeds, and chocolate chips. I used dark chocolate chips and accidentally bought the larger ones, which was all the better. Each is 142 calories and 6.7 grams of fat.

So, I will be missing the second Scioto Miles Training Series race tomorrow. Kelly is going to rock the 15K!

39 miles total for the week.