by Sue

Dancing trumped racing this past weekend.

She did a beautiful job.

So I missed the second of the Scioto Miles Series….but Kelly will have her recap soon. As soon as she doesn’t have to spend her every waking moment buried in other people’s tax returns.

So what are an 8 year old, baby chicks, and nail polish doing together at Grandma’s house?

That’s right….painting their toenails (yes, they actually have them….did anyone know this?) in order to correctly identify each of them by name. This is Sarah, looking ravishing in OPI Red. Cause they don’t make ID collars for chickens.

Actually Sarah’s feet look way better than mine.

We had a little taste of spring this week in Ohio. Finally. Not really sure what I was thinking with all these runs on the treadmill. Other than avoiding all the hills surrounding our new house.

Treadmill + progression runs + last mile at 7:30 pace:

Monday: 8 miles in 66:34
Tuesday: 6 miles in 49:45
Wednesday: 9 miles in 75:13
Thursday: 6 miles in 49:44

These were hard runs but I’m feeling good about them.



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