Scioto Miles Training Series Part 2 Recap: One More Time Around

Last week-Total Miles-32!
This week:
Tuesday: 4 miles treadmill/Trainer Josh core and legs
Wednesday: 6 miles treadmill

I woke up for Scioto Miles race number 2 and checked the weather. 50 degrees at 6am = perfect race weather. Because of the nice weather there were a lot more people who showed up for this weeks race, but it never felt too crowded. I ran the 10k two weeks ago and the 15k in this race. I decreased my pace per mile by 8 seconds; running an average pace of 10:36 in the first race and a 10:28 in the second and that was with running 3.1 more miles. Yes, I am happy about that but my goal is to be able to stay under a 10 minute mile when starting to train for Marine Corp Marathon, so I have some serious training to do before July.

The race was the same course as the first race which is 1, 2 or 3; 3.1 mile loop depending on which race you are running. Boring for some, but for someone who does most of her long runs on the same 6 mile trail no matter what the distance, I actually enjoyed the 3.1 mile loop. The hills were a surprise but a good reminder that I have to do more hill training. Fleet Feet did a great job of keeping things organized and making it a fun race to run. I will be back next year!

Congrats Susie, Pam and Robyn!
We missed having Sue and Tara with us!

We had a post race breakfast at North Star Cafe. Delicious as always.

Thanks Fleet Feet for the great race series!


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