Mother-Daughter PRs

by Sue

Who knew it would be a weekend of mother-daughter PRs?

Mine did not occur on the balance beam or uneven bars.

Saturday morning Kelly and I met on the trail for our weekend long run. She had 11 on the schedule and I had 12. We took off at our own paces. It was perfect running weather–cool and crisp. I wanted to do this run a little faster than normal, and somewhere in the second mile I decided to really push this one for time and go for the whole 13.1. I just had a feeling I could do it today. The last two miles were pretty hard. No water, no fuel. Yet somehow all the stars aligned.

Exactly 13.1 miles in 1:44:08 with an average pace of 7:56.

What was supposed to be long slow distance turned into killing it.

Does it count as a PR if it occurs on a training run and not an official race?

Whatever, I’m claiming it.

The other PR girl. Way to go, Anna….you really deserved it!

42.1 miles total for the week.


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