GUT IT OUT-cap city half marathon race recap – from a slower perspective

By Kelly
Last Week-
Monday-6 miles
Tuesday-Trainer Josh-All Core
Wednesday-3 miles on Treadmill/Barre Class
Thursday-30 minutes ellipticial/20 minutues bike
Saturday-Capital City Half Marathon-13.1
This Week-
Monday-3.1 Treadmill/Yoga
Tuesday-Bike 20 minutes/Elliptical 25 minutes
Wednesday-5 miles treadmill-progression run
Thursday-5 miles treadmill-progression run

Woke up to a no excuses running day.
pre race weather

I was feeling confident that I would feel good the whole 13.1


Ryan was going to slow down and run with me to try to push me.
And this is how is went…
Mile 1-9:34, Mile 2-9:40, Mile 3-9:58, Mile 4-9:59, Mile 5-10:11
At this point we saw the 2:05 pacer, and Ryan proposed trying to stay with her. I thought for a minute about it, but knew I couldn’t maintain that pace.
Mile 6-10:20, Mile 7-10:42, Mile 8-10:46
That is where I began to fall apart. Ryan tried to distract me by taking some action shots.

My legs were heavy and calves were cramping. I allowed myself to walk through the water stations and my pace was getting slower and slower.
Mile 9-11:28 and then Ryan got this text.

I was ecstatic for Sue and Ryan kept reminding me of what she said .Gut it Out.. Mile 10-10:59, Mile 11-11:15, Mile 12-12:06, Mile 13-11:52… Finish time 2:22
I definitely have mastered positive splits.
Running 13.1 is always an accomplishment, so I still managed to celebrate and enjoy the post race party with some beer and champagne.

Congrats Sue!!! Now please coach me on how to gut it out…


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