Cap City Half Marathon Recap

by Sue

Last week of training plan before last Saturday’s half….

Treadmill + progression runs:

Monday: 6 miles in 49:26 (last mile 7:30 pace)
Tuesday: 4 miles in 31:11 (last mile 7:09 pace)
Wednesday: 6 miles in 49:19 (last mile 7:09 pace)
Thursday: 4 miles in 34:20 (last mile 7:30 pace)

Other than my 13.1 mile trail run with Kelly, and the 15K and 5K races I did, I had trained exclusively on the treadmill for this one. Didn’t really intend to. Just happened. There was a lot of squeezing in/juggling of runs as usual, so it was convenient. That and The Tudors is really good.

So, I’d stressed over this race for a while now. I really, really wanted to PR it. I thought I could do it, but I’ve certainly thought wrong before.

I broke it down into two goals:
A Goal: sub-1:45
B Goal: sub-1:46:52, my official half PR, which was the first half I ran 2 years ago, which also happens to be this same race.
Note there were no C Goals or beyond.

A little inspiration….


It was, as Kelly called it, No Excuses weather. Partly cloudy, 50-ish chilly degrees at the start. Last year when we ran this it was hot and insanely humid. I went out too fast and ended up with barely a 1:49-something. So things were looking good so far.

I decided I’d try and hang around the 1:45 pace group, just so that I would not go out too fast–a good strategy for me. Also I was carrying my own handheld water bottle in order to avoid water stop congestion.

I was already hot one mile in. But other than my already small water bottle leaking the whole way (operator error of course), I felt pretty good miles 1-9, fueled by Nuun and gummy bears. (I love me some frosting, but I don’t care what anyone says–GU is NOT the consistency of frosting–and I just can’t quite seem to choke it down). Way before that point my water was gone and by mile 10 I was so thirsty I had to do some run-and-grab-and-try-to-make-contact-with-mouth at a couple water stations. And it was somewhere around there that the mental game began….

So those last 3 were my GUT IT OUT miles. I was feeling pretty bad at that point. That foggy, kind of sick bad, where everything seems hazy. I was still hanging onto the 1:45 pace group but they were starting to pull ahead. I honestly felt like saying screw the time goal at this point. I just wanted to be done.

If anyone knows this course, once I made the turn onto High Street, I pulled it together. Not exactly sure how, but I did. Less than 2 to go, and the pace group had basically dispersed and I ended up running next to one of the pacer guys, who in all honesty, got me through/talked me through to the finish. So thank you, Mr. FleetFeetSports Pacing Team Dude, you were awesome. I should probably give you half my medal. Or at the very least buy you a beer.

Unofficial time: 13.2 in 1:44:24. Average pace 7:54. Chip time 1:44:26.

A Goal….Met.

Finally! Soooo excited! Today was made ridiculously amazing.

I texted Ryan and he said they were at 10. Waited a little bit and saw Tara and then Kelly who was looking strong at the finish!

Who needs chocolate milk when you’ve got champagne? Just kidding. Well, sort of.

This is a great–and one of our favorite (as we are repeat customers)–halfs to run. If you like fast and flat….this race is for you. Nice downtown/trendy neighborhood scenery, great crowd support, water stations not too crowded, and great volunteers and finish line food….and the party at the end is always an added bonus. I suppose the fact that we both used to live in Columbus makes us a little biased.

Celebrating at the finish. We missed you, Pam!


33.2 miles total for the week.


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