Hot in Cleveland-A Look Back at the Cleveland Marathon 2012

By Kelly
Last week
Sunday-9 miles- Trail
Monday-Elliptical 30 minutes/Yoga
Tuesday-6 miles – Treadmill
Wednesday-6 miles – Treadmill
Friday – 4.5 miles – Phoenix
Saturday – Elliptical 40 minutes
This week – All on Treadmill-Progression runs
Monday -4 miles
Tuesday-5 miles
Wednesday-5 miles
Friday-3 miles

Sue suggested doing a post on each of our perspectives of the 2012 Cleveland Marathon – a year later. After reading Sue’s post I know why I have avoided writing is very painful to think about let alone put it in words.

The good…

-We had a great dinner with friends. Tara gave Sue and I these custom made t-shirts.


99% of our long runs are done on a 6 mile rail trail that is in our small town. We go back and forth and back and forth and…you get the idea. So anything but the Great Guernsey Trail is a nice change of scenery.

-I had a new race outfit. Lululemon race skirt and a tank from Athleta.

-I was running this race with two of my favorite people, Sue and Tara. I knew we wouldn’t be running together but just knowing we were accomplishing it together made me feel happy about running this race.

The Bad…

So what went wrong? There were three major things that I felt impacted my race performance; two of which were impossible to control… They are the 3

-W #1 – The Weather – standing at the starting line I thought it was going to be a great day to race, but within a few miles it was warming up. Hot, humid and miserable.

-W #2 – Work – I am a tax accountant. I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for a spring marathon. Obviously 6 to 7 days a week of working long hours was not enough of a challenge for me. Therefore, I struggled a lot during my training. Unlike Sue, I would get the miles in, but on the longer training runs I had to run and walk. “Time on my feet” was the mantra I adopted, which was not even close to what I needed to feel good for 26.2 miles.

-W #3 – Weight- I was 10 to 15 pounds heavier than when I ran my fastest half. Does weighing more make you slower? In my case it did. I don’t want to carry my water when I run because I feel like it weighs me down, why I gained weight and than thought I could finish in the time I wanted is beyond me.

The Race…

I started to feel bad about mile 7. My hands were swollen and I felt nauseous. I honestly contemplated making the turn with the half marathoners and being done. I knew Ryan would be waiting for me around the half-way point and when I saw him I said three words “I need you”. He ran with me and did everything he could to try to keep me running but I felt bad. Around mile 20, I told him I wanted to be done and he looked at the map to see how far it would be to get back to the hotel. He quietly informed me it would be just as long to backtrack as it would be to finish. So I finished. I honestly feel like I ran a half marathon and walked a half marathon that day with a finish time of 5:48! The best part of the race was the last stretch when Sue sent her kids in and they crossed the finish line with me.

The only thing that kept me from crying after crossing the finish line was Sue saying to me “Kelly, it was brutal, I had to walk”. In all our training runs I have never seen her walk, at that point I realized how much the weather really impacted us.

The Funny….
With a few miles left to go Ryan looks at me and said “We can’t let HIM beat you”. I looked next to me and there is a Joggler (a person who runs a race while juggling – according to Wikipedia it is a competitive sport). At that point I didn’t care who beat me.. and now I am known as the girl who got beat by the
Joggler. Lucky for me it is on YouTube. You can see me, Sue’s girls and Ryan behind the Joggler.



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