On Running Naked

by Sue

My week in runs….

Treadmill + progression + last mile at 7:09 pace:

Monday: 9 miles in 1:15:00
Wednesday: 6 miles in 49:30
Thursday: 6 miles in 49:38

As I’ve mentioned before, the way I get through so much treadmill running is by watching Netflix on the iPad. I finished off The Tudors (I always hate when a really good series ends), and stumbled upon The Walking Dead. I think this is going to be good. Psychologically freaky, but good.

Saturday morning I ran an annual fundraiser 5K put together by a coworker of mine, in support of her daughter, who has Williams Syndrome. 40 degrees on a Memorial Day weekend morning in Ohio? I like it. Well, at least today I did. I had good vibes. I really, really wanted to sub-23:00 it. And then like ten seconds before the start–this was a small race, therefore no chip timing–I messed up my watch and couldn’t get it fixed in time. Now, if anyone has ever read anything else I’ve written, you KNOW I’m a numbers freak and NEED my watch. I had some momentary panic but then realized, what else could I do? I was just going to have to go on feel and hope for the best.

There were volunteers with stopwatches at each mile marker which I was sooo grateful for. The girl at the first mile gave me a 7:18. Awesome. At that point I think I had counted four people ahead of me, and then a fifth when I was passed by an older guy (I found out later he was 68 and had only been running a couple years….props to you, sir!). The girl at the second mile gave me a 14:46 elapsed time. There were a couple hills that last mile that slowed me down a little bit, so I honestly was not sure what time I was going to finish in.

22:56!!!! And a new PR!

I love my Pace Calculator app.

6th overall
2nd female
1st in age group

And then I find out the girl who beat me had only started running again yesterday after having surgery on both her feet and being in a wheelchair and needing a walker. I’m thinking she deserved the win, yes?

LOVE the medal:)

And I have GOT to read that Garmin manual.

Sunday, Kelly and I met at our standing weekend run-date spot at the trail. I ran a nice, easy 9 miles in 1:17:28.

Only five weeks til Marine Corps Marathon training starts!

33.1 miles total for week.


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